How to Roll a Cigarette Using Cigarette Tubes in 10 Easy Steps

Smoking is a disgusting habit. Nobody needs to tell us anymore that it is bad for our health, skin and hair. But smoking is so tasty and relaxing as well! Because the government knows that, no matter how often we are told that smoking is bad for us, the true hardcore addicts will keep smoking anyway, they are trying to deter us by pushing up the price of cigarettes. But, most of us pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of the government and finding an alternative. The alternative to expensive cigarettes is buying your own tobacco, some of the best cigarette tubes and a rolling machine and simply rolling your own. It’s not free, but it is a whole lot cheaper than regular cigarettes.

So, if this sounds right up your street, how exactly do you make your own cigarettes? Luckily for you, you don’t need a degree in rocket science. Below are the 10 easy steps to help you roll your own cigarette.

Cigarette Roll

10 Steps to Making Your Own Cigarettes
1. Find a tobacco store where you can buy cigarette tobacco in 1lb bags. You will usually also be able to buy filtered paper tubes and rolling machines from there, although buying those online is likely to be even cheaper (in your face government!).

2. Buy some waterproof containers. Again, these can be bought online, or you can go really thrifty and use the free ones you get with a box of Band-Aids, or when you buy a box of playing cards.

3. Sit down and set up your work station. Smoking is about relaxing, so you may as well set the mood. Making cigarettes for a full day will take you about half an hour and you might want to add another five minutes for tidying up, so clear your calendar as well.

4. Look at the open area of the machine. Fill this up with tobacco, making sure it is evenly distributed and reaches the edge of the machine. Make sure it is level.

5. Use the tamper that will have come with your rolling machine to pack it down. Getting your cigarettes perfect will take some practicing and it is likely that you will over- or under-pack the first few times. So, if this is your first time, you will also have to be ready to smoke a few cigarettes until you figure out just how much tobacco you need and how tight you need to pack it. Wipe excess tobacco away.

6. Get your cigarette tube and slide it over the fill tube found at the end of the machine.

7. Close your machine.

8. Use both hands to slowly but very firmly pull your slider to the side it is going in. Usually, this is the right, but you may have put your machine upside down (you won’t be the first to have done that).

9. Now slide it back with equal pressure and speed.

10. Take your cigarette out, tap it a couple of times and put it in your container. Or light it up so you have a little break before you start rolling the next one.