Tips on How to Increase Domain Authority of Blogs

Accordingly, blog page rank is not that as weighted compared to domain authority these days as Google is getting stricter and narrowed on how it ranks blogs. Perhaps page rank is not the basis for blog’s value today. So every blogger now is striving to get that domain authority as high as possible. But of course, it’s impossible to be that comparable to, or and other websites having a domain authority of as high as 100.

Here below are some tips on how we, bloggers, can make our blogs gain that shining high domain authority.

Blog Domain Authority

First thing is to always put attention on the technical aspect of our blogs. This includes the optimization of the robots or how it has been mapped. The structure of every URL each blog posts is important to have an effective Search Engine Optimization for our blogs.

Another thing to remember is how our contents be like. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the links linking on our blog and the links our blogs are linking. It is best that each blog links are related to each other specifically those that are top-notched and with high value and authority links.

Last thing that I can share on how to make the domain authority of our blogs high is to remove those unhealthy links. Simplest way to remove is just to edit, unlink and that’s it. One need not delete the entire post containing the link, but the just link itself only.

Hope these simple ideas can help. Happy blogging.

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