14 Million Computers now running Windows 10, Microsoft says

..but hey, don’t include me! I don’t want to gamble the risks in upgrading my windows 7 laptop computer to windows 8 because, the first reason is that, I don’t have patience in learning anew techie stuff. In fact, when I thought of upgrading before to windows 8 which I first tried myself with other computers, I found it not user friendly. It’s hard to manipulate. Smiley There are a lot of flowery buttons to click before you get to what you were looking for. And honestly, I can’t stretch out my patience just to learn how to tickle each button where I still can enjoy a computer with windows 7 on it. So why should I upgrade then?

Windows 10

And with this addition to all those Window’s techie ideas, I don’t have any plans to tick the ‘Upgrade to Windows 10 for free’ button showing almost every minute in the lower most right portion of my screen. I don’t want to add more complications which I need to learn everyday in my laptop computer. I really found windows 10 a more brain-cracking stuff than learning new stuff in the medical field, I could say.

So for me, I’d better stay and be contented with my windows 7.

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