El Gamma Penumbra is First Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Winner

The Philippines has just recently have some reason to celebrate and be grateful for as the El Gamma Penumbra won as the first winner in Asia’s Got Talent (AGT).

El Gamma Penumbra is First Asia's Got Talent (AGT) Winner

El Gamma Penumbra is a group of Filipino performers who performed as a dancing silhouettes focusing some recent issues.

The dancing shadow group played troupe from Tanauan, Batangas province, which started as a hip-hop crew. They bagged home $100,000 and a great opportunity to perform at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

One might wonder what Google is doodling about today as it is showing an animated planet earth being sliced into halves and so on. Well, Google doodles Inge Lehmann’s 127th birthday today as an honor to remember how she did and make a history as a Seismologist.

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

Inge Lehmann

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth’s inner core. In 1936, she postulated from existing seismic data the existence of an inner core with physical properties distinct from the outer core’s and that Earth’s core is not a single molten sphere. Seismologists, who had not been able to propose a workable hypothesis for the observation that the P-wave created by earthquakes slowed down when it reached certain areas of the inner Earth, quickly accepted her conclusion.

If you happen to get updated with the latest news and events happening in the whole world, one can relate this Google doodle today as what’s happening in Nepal. Aren’t you?

Typhoon ‘Dodong’ strengthen to signal number 4

Typhoon DODONG, with the international name NOUL, is the 4th typhoon to date that is hitting the country and specifically bashing the northern part of the Philippines — North Eastern Cagayan, Batanes, Babuyan, and Calayan Group of Islands and even strengthening to signal number 4.

Typhoon Dodong

Even though I and my family is here in Mindanao, it is still worrisome to think the possible outcome — the damages this typhoon could result in some areas of the country. I just hope that this would not result to a serious one and that our fellowmen could overcome this inevitable event.

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015

To every other in the whole world, today is your day as we all are celebrating mothers day today. It’s more exciting to know and see Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015

My wish to every mothers out there is for you to be happy and contented with your chosen career that is priceless – to be a mother. Happy mothers day!

Las Vegas Is a City like No Other

60 years ago, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, was just a small desert town. Nobody thought much about. Then hotels and casinos started to be built. All of a sudden, this small desert town developed into one of the greatest entertainment destinations in the country. Nowadays, Las Vegas is considered to be the gambling capitol of the world. Aside from gambling, the city now offers a wide variety of attractions, many of which are aimed at families. This is a big change. Prior to 10 years ago, Las Vegas was primarily a destination for adults. However, hotels realized there was much more money to be made by encouraging people to bring their children with them. You should examine some Las Vegas hotel FAQ’s to help you get a good deal before your trip. Here are a few of the reasons why Las Vegas is a city like no other.

1. The Beatles: LOVE

This is a show that can be seen at the Mirage hotel and casino. Receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike, this is a show that pays tribute to the biggest selling musical group of all time. The songs performed take the audience on a musical journey that spans the entire career of this iconic band from Liverpool, England.

2. Criss Angel: Believe

Generally considered to be one of the most talented magicians working today, Criss Angel has regular performances at the Luxor. Once you see this man perform his spectacular illusions in person, you will understand why he is constantly mentioned in the same breath as David Copperfield and David Blaine.

3. Cirque du Soleil: “O”

Ever since this Canadian acrobatic troupe started to perform in Las Vegas, their shows have been one of the toughest tickets in the town. The feats that these acrobats perform at every show will be something that you will never forget. The skill and precision of their stunts are exquisite. It takes these people many years to master the skills that they demonstrate on a nightly basis. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, you definitely need to make a point of seeing this show. It can be seen exclusively at the Bellagio.

4. Michael Jackson: ONE

This is a show that celebrates the career of the king of pop. Throughout his amazing career, Michael Jackson gained a reputation as a great all-around performer. People who attend this show can enjoy all of his classic tunes.

Google Doodles Nellie Bly 151st Birthday

There’s something to celebrate which Google reminds us today as Google doodles Nellie Bly 151st birthday today.

Google Doodles Nellie Bly 151st BirthdayGoogle Doodles Nellie Bly 151st Birthday

Yes! You heard it right. It’s Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman’s birthday, although she was famously known by his pen name, Ellie Bly. She was then a writer and a charity worker who became much known from her travels and trips in the whole world within 72 days. Who could imagine to have done that before? For now, that would only remain a dream for everybody to accomplish such travel to the world.

Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

I’m no fan of any pianist nor got the tickling nerves in my every fingers to do the keys of pianos. But seeing how Google doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori on his 360th birthday, I could somehow thought if there was no Bartolomeo Cristofori before, probably no good music to produce now.

Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

But of course, I couldn’t blame my childhood nor my parents for not sending me to any piano school before because I know how pocket monster it was especially for us, for my parents, who were not that well-off to send us to those luxurious schools. I am just so happy now and satisfied with what I have reached as I could appreciate the beauty of piano-driven songs every time I hear music, sing any songs or even dance with the every beat that every keys give.

Anyway, thank you Google for honoring this day for us to remember Bartolome Cristofori on his 360th birthday.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

It is just right to celebrate a day to all our workers, be of blue, red or white collars, for whatever they do, they all contribute for our timely existence. With this also, I am just grateful to see how Google commemorates this day and honors our workers, laborers as Google doodles Labor Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

I don’t have a settled job as of this time, but I do accept online jobs, freelancer invite assignments, and receive a reasonable compensation with such. So I guess, I have to be thankful also for everybody who are celebrating this day for all of us workers.

Happy Labor Day to all of us and may we all continue to perform our daily tasks as heartily as we could so to provide a satisfying end-result for everyone.