Private vs. Public domain names and web hosting choices

Finding a good domain name can be difficult these days.  It seems as if all of the good names are already taken and that you may have to settle for something less than appealing for your new website.  To make matters worse, there are companies that offer to Register Domain Names that are very expensive – – unlike the affordable services we provide at Star Firm.  Our professionally trained staff can help you find a creative domain name and register it with the proper extension to make sure that your website gets as much traffic as possible.  Furthermore, we offer Web Hosting services so that we can handle all of your website needs in-house.

 Another issue that we can assist you with is deciding whether to register your domain name privately or publically.

 When you register a domain name, you give personal information such as your name, address, occupation, credit card details, etc.  There are no guarantees that this information will not be available to the public.  For a public domain, the information you entered when purchasing the domain will be available to the public.  Public sharing is beneficial for sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that need public sharing in order to operate.  However, for most people, using private registration process is better.  While you want your blog or your business site on the internet, you do not necessary want your personal information broadcast to anyone with the knowledge to find it much less the public.

 While there are still some risks with private registration, it is much more private and secured than public domains.  Benefits of a private domain include:

  • Reduces risk of Identify Theft by protecting your private, personal information
  • Reduces SPAM, stalking and harassment
  • Avoids automated direct emails and sales letters to your mailing address
  • Increases privacy and safeguard levels for your website
  • Many companies offering this type of service also have hosting services (i.e. Star Firm)

 Because Star Firm offers a wide variety of services including domain and hosting services, we provide customers with access to the entire World Wide Web by making it easy and affordable to own, promote and use your website.  Contact our office to discuss how we can register your name, set up your website, optimize SEO and increase traffic to your site for one affordable price.  By combining services, you can make your website profitable without the stress involved in setting up and promoting a new website.

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