Funny Tuesday

Sometimes, it is still a relaxing feeling to experience and feel like a three-year old child playing and doing everything that could surely make a child really happy. That is what I and some friends are doing today as we were trying out the propellerhead.


The propellerhead that I am mentioning above is attached to a hat and that hat is what we wore and experienced fun at.

Can you just imagine how I got to be so giggling with priceless smiles when I was trying out the propellerhead? Well, you have no choice but to enjoy the funny Tuesday moment then with me.

Uses of Drum Dial

I played drums before but I could say I still am a noobie for drum instruments. This means that aside from doing the basic drumming, I know nothing more than that especially the technical aspect of drums and other musical instruments.

In fact, I only knew one use of drum dial. It is to effectively tune any drums at any time.

Drum Dial Uses

I haven’t tried one myself but I, of course, seen one when we had a gig years back. And as mentioned, I only have seen it but I never had used it myself to any drums I played before. Because I was somehow afraid if I can’t make the most out of such drum dial, I just left all of those technical stuff to be done by most appropriate person. By that then, I am sure all will be well then with the drums.

Pi Day 2014

Getting NERDY? Well, celebrate Pi Day 2014 with the world today!

Pi Day 2014

I no like math neither number-related problems and analysis. But I just don’t know why my mom and sister seemed like just chewing numbers all along when they were presented with math problems?

Anyway, for all the nerds and math enthusiasts around the world, enjoy and seize your day — Pi Day 2014, since today is one of your most celebrated nerdy day. Enjoy guys and have a blast being such so genius!

Taylor Swift will be Back in The Philippines

Country and pop lovers particularly fans of Taylor Swift in the Philippines will surely love the news that the award winning artist will be back in the country on June 6. The 24 year old artist will be having her concert at the (MOA) Mall of Asia Arena. During her previous concert in the country, Swift performed her chart topping singles including We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, Begin Again, Mean, and Love Story to name a few.

If you are not familiar with her songs, you better start listening to her music now and watch the concert on June 6, 2014. Just be very sure though that you installed acoustical soundproof foam in your room so your neighbors will not be annoyed with the noise you can create.

Happy 10th Year Anniversary FACEBOOK!

A month ago, it was on February 04, 2014, FACEBOOK celebrated its 10th year anniversary. And in fact, it’s not just the FACEBOOK and the staff has celebrated it but the whole world, I guess, because it has made long distances from loved ones, families and friends too near in just a click away.

For the 10 years of happiness and all the things that Facebook has brought to every users, a greeting of ‘happy birthday’ is surely not enough.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook, for making it possible for every people to connect even it’s miles and oceans away from each other. I am just wishing that Facebook  will not be use in negative ways.