Wetlands Day Celebration in Philippines 2014

This post seemed to be long overdue. But I still wanted to because this one’s one of the important celebrations the country commemorated this year, the Wetlands Day Celebration in Philippines 2014.

Wetlands Day Celebration in the Philippines 2014

The Wetlands Day Celebration in Philippines 2014 was just on February 02, 2014. I have not personally attended the said celebration in any of the five Wetland Areas in the country but I just want to virtually celebrate it with you guys since I do believe that there are still hopes for the betterment of the wetlands in our country.

The five sites identified as “Wetlands of International Importance” or Ramsar Sites by Swiss-based Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in the country are the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Mindanao, Naujan Lake National Park in Oriental Mindoro, Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Cebu, Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park, and Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan.

Only the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary I have visited from the five mentioned above because it is the most accessible from our place. And telling you, it is a privilege to witness how the area has been preserved and how it has been taken cared of.

Red Hot Chili Peppers In The Philippines

Filipino fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers rejoiced as the band performed during the 7107 International Music Festival in Clark, Pampanga held last Sunday February 23, 2014. Joining with the band are local bands front acting the event.

If you are a fan of RHCP, you surely are familiar with their tong twisting song and soothing blend of music. These excellent sounds that the band produces are the fruit of their high quality musical instrument. Surely they are using top brands like the cool casio px150 for their keyboardist maybe. Who knows! Some great Pearl Drums, SG guitars, and the likes.

The crowdgone wild the moment Red Hot Chili Pepper step on the stage and play their song including Dani California, Under The Bridge, Californication, and Give It Away to name a few.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose

Philip Seymour Hoffman, an Academy Award winning actor specifically for the movie “Capote,” was found dead at his Manhattan apartment.

Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman

 Authorities said the death was suspected to be due to drug overdose.

For whatever the cause of his death may be, may Philip Seymour Hoffman rest in peace!

Bruno Mars performs on Super Bowl Halftime Show

Everything turned into an old-day event when singer Bruno Mars performs during the  Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Bruno Mars performs on Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bruno Mars performed some 60s, 70s, 80s and a few modern song to entertain and even made the show more bouncy and really lively. He didn’t bring any musical instruments on stage like guitar or something more handy like hohner melodica at guitar center, but rather just simply a microphone and himself to offer the crowd a great performance.

That was indeed a great event!

Steel Box

What are the uses of steel box?

Steel Box

Steel Box is usually used to be a storage box of any important delicate stuff. But what I thought more of the uses of steel box is for transport of any liquid materials. In fact, I have already tried once when I was asked to bring one laboratory specimen from the field where we collected it and brought it to the hospital laboratory where we studied them.

Other uses of steel box include storage of money, make-up set for some and also food storage.