Google Doodles Chinese New Year 2014

It’s Chinese New Year and perhaps the reason why Google Doodles Chinese New Year 2014 as animated and lively as they could make it possibly.

Google Doodles Chinese New Year 2014Google Doodles Chinese New Year 2014

Yeah, Kung Hei Fat Choi, as many Filipinos shout it while making some noise during the Chinese New Year. Accordingly, by saying that words, it is like inviting more good luck not just to oneself but the family, the home, with friends, and even in the workplace.

Hopefully, we all will receive good luck, good health, and all goodness in the world this year of the Horse. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Modtone Effects

I am not a musician; not even knew how to play guitars or making some good noise out of my fingers and pedaling feet. That is why when I was asked if I knew how to create a modtone effects out of some instruments, I frankly said, I have no idea how is it being done.

With my curiosity, I personally made an investigation of such modtone effects over the internet — I read forums and even listen to videos from and here below was what I got.

That’s pretty hard to do and really needs expertise, talents and skills in performing such thing to produce that modtone effects, I assume. Don’t you?

After listening and watching the video, I just told myself, music isn’t really for me. I will just try other stuff then.

Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday

Here’s Google getting so doodly again as Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday!

As you may notice it, the Google homepage seemed to be gorilla-friendly. This is because Dian Fossey was an American zoologist and extensively studied gorillas for 18 years. Fossey went and studied those gorillas daily in the mountain forests of Rwanda. In fact, she was able to publish a book in 1983 entitled, Gorillas in the Mist. The book was a combination of her scientific studies made at the mountain with the gorilla at Karisoke Research Center and with her own personal story.

However, despite her extravagant knowledge being shared in the field of Zoology, for reasons we do not know, Fossey was murdered in 1985. But the worse thing is that the case remains open.

Anyway, Happy birthday Dian Fossey!

Army Coins for New Year 2014

We are a family who believes in some Chinese beliefs every New Year celebrations. One of which is to prepare coins in the pockets and make some noise out of it.

Army Coins

I can’t fully understand what does that thing would mean but that is what I’d been used to since then. Though getting curious sometimes and tried to ask my mom, what she always answer is that “there’s no harm in following some beliefs but making sure not to risk anything also”. Well, mom is right. So since that day until this new year 2014, I had my coins in my pocket.

But there’s one thing more I am curious of. Will this belief applicable also for army coins? What do you think?