Seven top reasons why HP is bad for 3D printing companies

The popularity of 3D printing is growing over the last couple of years and so as the 3D printing stocks. printing companies like 3D Systems, Stratasys, ExOne, and Voxeljet are priced to its operational perfection in the stock market. Now that HP had entered, many wonders if investors should start worrying.

HP printer

Reasons HP’s entrance is a bad news for 3D investors:

  1. Has more resources
  2. Has the largest distribution network
  3. Lower product prices
  4. HP has a greater chance of spending a certain amount of money that its competitor cannot without harming HP’s business.
  5. Stock prices get lower when HP will not acquire any of the companies noted
  6. HP’s acquisition in the private market can make acquisitions slower.
  7. HP is cheaper