E-Mu SHORTboard

I was invited to watch a keyboard recital of a friend’s daughter in their school. I didn’t expect how her daughter really did well during the said event. And with my curiosity and ambitious imagination, I looked over the internet some tutorials of the basics in playing keyboard but look below what I have found — an E Mu shortboard review video which I grabbed from YouTube.com.

Take your time watching for this video then and enjoy!

Free Facebook access for Globe Subscribers

Here’s a very good news to all prepaid Globe subscribers. This one leading telecommunications company in the Philippines offers free Facebook access starting October 31, 2013 without the need for any Wi-Fi or a data plan until January 2014.

Free Facebook access for Globe SubscribersFree Facebook access for Globe Subscribers

So, for Globe prepaid users out there, take this opportunity to access freely, without any charges, Facebook applications using your cellular phones.

Mercury ceiling light

We’ve just moved in to our new place, for the second time this year. This time, it’s a more spacious place with a two-bedroom townhouse. Basically, this can cater much of our stuff here at home.

While checking out the details of the room, I had been thinking of installing cool mercury ceiling light from from artemide lighting online. I actually showed and shared this idea to M and good enough, he agreed with me.

Mercury ceiling lightMercury ceiling light

But, as I have mentioned, we just recently moved in here, our budget for the said mercury ceiling light is not enough yet. Maybe, a month or two, we can buy and install one here at home, hopefully if all things permit.