QSC K10 Powered Speaker

We will be moving to a new house the soonest. And part of it is the setting up of new sound system at home. Actually, not just a sound system, but almost all of the interior designs, including the furniture and other stuff in the kitchen should be checked and set up first.

MovingMoving (image from spencerinsurance.com)

But since we still have some of those old home appliance and furniture, we will be just thinking for now on how to complete our audio visual set up. I wanted to buy qsc k10 at musicians friend, but M disagreed with me since he still having a functional speaker. Though it is a bit smaller than the one I found online, he still insisted to use the old one. And he even suggested to better buy other musical component which we don’t have yet rather replacing those old ones.

QSC K10 Powered Speaker QSC K10 Powered Speaker (image from shopmegadj.com)

Maybe, we will first assess what we really needed to buy or not.

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