Page Rank Zero (0)!

Things made me really sad when I checked my blog, this blog, Walking News Paper, earlier today and a big fat page rank zero welcomed me.

Page Rank 0

I didn’t expect this would happen since I am very keen and even very careful on the link exchanges and online activity of this said blog. This has page rank 3 before and went to page rank 2 and now, even went down to page rank zero which is more dreadful to me.

I won’t deny that I earn online especially blogging and this blog really helps me a lot to earn higher. With the decline of this blog’s Page Rank, I am getting worried of how can I earn much of that I earn when this blog has Page Rank. Hopefully, I can get my page rank back in less than three (3) months.

Hohner Harmonica from Musicians Friend

I just loved playing a harp lately and even thinking of having one like hohner harmonica from musicians friend.

Hohner Harmonica from Musicians FriendHohner Harmonica from Musicians Friend (image from

As I always mention since then, I am not a music-lover nor having any musical talents. But since it’s summer and we don’t have classes, I am thinking of engaging myself in learning how to play harmonica.

KitchenAid KBFS20EVMS Architect II Refrigerator

I and M has been talking about home improvement lately including the appliances to purchase for the kitchen and that includes both small and large appliance from oven to refrigerators. While debating on what brand and model to have, I stumbled upon kitchenaid kbfs20evms Architect II Refrigerator which I found really great for us to include in our choices.

KitchenAid KBFS20EVMS Architect II RefrigeratorKitchenAid KBFS20EVMS Architect II Refrigerator (image from

What I loved about this refrigerator are the stainless steel door, the spill clean glass shelves and of course the electronic-controlled system. Accordingly, one can assure of its high energy efficiency as well.

But of course, we still need to consider other brands and models of refrigerator before sticking to products we wanted to buy.


Google Doodles Labor Day 2013

Yay! Google is so workaholic today as Google Doodles Labor Day 2013 on their homepage.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2013Google Doodles Labor Day 2013

Different working groups are being featured on the Google homepage today. But for me, it would be more livelier to see it if it is animated. Isn’t it?

But still, happy labor day to all!