Stylish Cigar Ashtrays

Since I and M do not smoke any cigars, I thought that we can just collect and make use of cigar ashtrays as something to display at home. When I shared this idea to one of my close friends in college, she laughed at me because it is sounding so ironic — collecting stuff that both of us don’t even enjoy using it. She has a point but what fascinated me in collecting cigar ashtrays is the uniqueness and stylish designs of some ashtrays I’ve seen online. Here below are some of them:

Depression Glass Cigar AshtrayDepression Glass Cigar Ashtray (image from

Vintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar AshtrayVintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar Ashtray (image from

Crystal Cigar RestCrystal Cigar Rest (image from

Conference Line Deep Dish Cigar AshtrayConference Line Deep Dish Cigar Ashtray (image from

Aren’t they cool to collect? Smiley

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