Appliance Repair

I found it funny when I saw an image shared by my mom on Facebook showing that the television set in the living room became small. It was actually my old television way back in college. It was just that time also when I saw image I was informed that the television set at home needed some repair. But my bad, instead of looking for a television repair shop, I jumped at refrigerator repair shops instead.

Appliance RepairAppliance Repair (image from

My mom just laughed at me when I tried sharing her the company which offers home services on appliance repair but that company only caters refrigerators and not television. I was totally out of my mind, maybe, while looking for that said sites. Good enough we haven’t called the company yet for an appointment.

It was just a funny hour with mom.

Google Doodles Ella Fitzgerald 96th Birthday

Today, Google seemed to be musical as Google Doodles Ella Fitzgerald 96th Birthday!

Google Doodles Ella Fitzgerald 96th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Ella Fitzgerald 96th Birthday

I am not a musician and I only knew just little info about Ella Fitzgerald. She was known as Queen of Jazz, Lady Ella and the First Lady of Song. She was basically an American Jazz Vocalist. She has won 13 Grammy Awards and she also received award from the National Medal of Arts by Ronal Reagan and Presidential Medal of Freedom by George H. W. Bush.

Stylish Cigar Ashtrays

Since I and M do not smoke any cigars, I thought that we can just collect and make use of cigar ashtrays as something to display at home. When I shared this idea to one of my close friends in college, she laughed at me because it is sounding so ironic — collecting stuff that both of us don’t even enjoy using it. She has a point but what fascinated me in collecting cigar ashtrays is the uniqueness and stylish designs of some ashtrays I’ve seen online. Here below are some of them:

Depression Glass Cigar AshtrayDepression Glass Cigar Ashtray (image from

Vintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar AshtrayVintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar Ashtray (image from

Crystal Cigar RestCrystal Cigar Rest (image from

Conference Line Deep Dish Cigar AshtrayConference Line Deep Dish Cigar Ashtray (image from

Aren’t they cool to collect? Smiley

Google Doodles Leonhard Euler 350th Birthday

For some, mathematics is such a fascinating subject to learn but never for me. The Google homepage animated logo today reminds me of those numbers and analysis in mathematics and physics as Google Doodles Leonhard Euler 350th Birthday today.

Google Doodles Leonhard Euler 350th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Leonhard Euler 350th Birthday

Leonhard Euler was one of the pioneers in the field of mathematics and physics. He was a Swiss mathematician and physicist who worked on infinitesimal calculus and graph theory.

Background Check

I have already mentioned in my other blog how important a background check is for any company hiring for employees. This is to ensure that each person applying for a certain job has clear or no illegal records in the past.

In the country, one of the reliable and most commonly required clearance for a background check for any applicant is the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI clearance. Aside from NBI clearance, police and barangay clearances are also used.

Google Doodles Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday

I feel like I am part of how Google doodles today since it features plants and insects which I loved to study. If you haven’t visited the Google homepage today, you’ll surely see how Google Doodles Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday.

Google Doodles Maria Sibylla Merian 366th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday

Maria Sibylla Merian was best known for her illustrations of plants and insects, specifically on the metamorphosis of insects. She has had made a lot of illustrations and paintings about them and even published them on books.