What Obama Said About Energy

In an address that was met with appreciation from the environment protection agencies, President Obama emphasized the need to address global warming in his State of the Union address.

The past precedent

There has been increasing debate from the Obama administration the acquisition of clean energy and the promotion of alternative fuels. The element of alternate energy has been the hallmark of many of Obama’s speeches on the issue of energy. While the oil production in the U.S may have risen, there has also been a marked rise in the incentives for the alternate energy industry.

In a clear cut indicator for action, Obama urged the Congress to opt for bipartisan, market based solution to tackle the issue of climate change. He also remarked about the work of John McCain and Joe Liebermann in this regard. There was an affirmative tone in which President Obama emphasized on the need for action. He clearly indicated that it was his personal motive to take executive actions to combat pollution and climate change.

About Alternate Energy

In his State of the Union Address, Obama has underlined the need for the speeding up the transition to sustainable energy sources. In this regard, he has also hinted at more incentives for acquisition of clean energy via alternate fuels.

sustainable energy sourcesSustainable Energy Sources (image from generateelectricitytoday.com)

Views from Analysts

Analyst Daniel Yergin, author of several critically acclaimed energy books, has a view point. His stance has been on the occurrence of a paradigm shift to alternate energy that would be slow. Furthermore, he also emphasized on the need for policy implementation. As of now, U.S is an oil driven economy, and would continue for the coming time or so. While Obama’s speech has been  met with applaud, it won’t mean anything unless appropriate legislation is passed in this regard.

Many analysts believe that climate change legislation would be too big an expectation from this GOP led house. Opposing to this is the belief that the federal government has sufficient power at hand to fast track clean energy industry. This is already been done by enticing direct investment in this sector. There are models and suggestion from the likes of Senator Lisa Murkowski on the acquisition of clean energy.

In the current status quo, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has full power to act on the carbon emission abuse. This power was given to the EPA via the Clean Air Act. The fruits of it are yet to be seen. There has also been the thinking behind the need of placing a carbon tax that can regulate the emission issue.


Obama’s authoritative stance on the development of clean energy during the State of the Union address had been predicted by many analysts. With climate change on the priority list of the President, it can be expected that the Congress would becoming up with better climate change policy. With the mention of ‘market based approaches’, President Obama has also indicated that he means business in this regard.

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