Top 5 Most Popular Torrent Sites

I was trying to look for best torrent indexer sites where I can have a good source of downloadable movies for the weekend. And here below are the top 5 most popular torrent sites I got.

  1. This torrent indexer site is one of the sites I’d been checking years back. And it’s good to know that up until now, it is still working good.
  2. This site is originally founded in Sweden but it has been known much in the entire world wide web because of its peers and seeders.
  3. This is a Finland-based torrent indexer but it does good. It has a lot of seeders as well.
  4. This torrent indexer site is new to me as well as the proceeding one. I haven’t tried these two sites yet, but reviews said these two are good and are popular as well.

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