Rainsong Guitars

Accordingly, rainsong guitars produce sounds that are distinctively rain-like and the music it provides is really different and unique.

Rainsong GuitarRainsong Guitar (image from guitarcenter.com)

I’ve just had a chance to talk to a musician colleague and he really agreed to what I said about rainsong guitars. He even suggested reliable shops where can I buy affordable yet quality guitars. I told him I don’t have plans to purchase one but I found the rainsong guitars guitar center — an online shop a good site to shop.

Top 5 Most Popular Torrent Sites

I was trying to look for best torrent indexer sites where I can have a good source of downloadable movies for the weekend. And here below are the top 5 most popular torrent sites I got.

  1. isoHunt.com. This torrent indexer site is one of the sites I’d been checking years back. And it’s good to know that up until now, it is still working good.
  2. ThePirateBay.org. This site is originally founded in Sweden but it has been known much in the entire world wide web because of its peers and seeders.
  3. Torrentz.com. This is a Finland-based torrent indexer but it does good. It has a lot of seeders as well.
  4. ExtraTorrent.com. This torrent indexer site is new to me as well as the proceeding one. I haven’t tried these two sites yet, but reviews said these two are good and are popular as well.
  5. TorrentReactor.net.

Cheap Vinyl Banners

In more or less a month from now, Didang will be celebrating her 6th birthday and it might be a double celebration for the christening of Baby Keneta. So, as early as now, and since I still can steal an hour or two, to design their individual banners for the said celebrations, I am also lurking where we can print cheap vinyl banners for the two babies.

Do you have any idea where can I find

Google Doodles Douglas Adams 61st Birthday

Google seems very animated today as Google Doodles Douglas Adams 61st Birthday!

Google Doodles Douglas Adams 61st BirthdayGoogle Doodles Douglas Adams 61st Birthday

Douglas Adams was an English writer and an author known for the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He has been into radio comedy, television series and computer games.

Other books Douglas Adams wrote include:

  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – 1987
  • The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul – 1988
  • Last Chance to See – 1990
  • The Salmon of Doubt – 2002

Good News from the Fairy Hobmother!

Allow me to deviate from the usual news and current events today that not only the local press has been busy monitoring at, but the international peg also. What I want to share today is something really really good — very good news from the fairy hobmother.

Fairy Hobmother

The Fairy Hobmother has landed over my blog and here to grant me a wish I longed to come true. Smiley

For now, there’s nothing more I could ask for from the fairy hobmother but a new washing machine which I stumbled upon from his list of appliances online where you can also check for yourself at www.appliancesonline.co.uk. There are actually a lot more to choose from but this is what I need most as of the moment. I used to do my laundry since then if I have a spare time to do it; else, I need to have them done by a personal launder but never in any laundry shops. I have learned my lesson already and I don’t want to experience losing a pair of socks, a number of hankies, lost buttons in my uniforms and lot more from a laundry shop services. I better do it then myself.

Moreover, it really feels good being visited and, at last, meeting the fairy hobmother. And of course, I don’t want to feel greedy enough not to share this ecstatic experience I have. I guess, it’s now your best time to meet the fairy hobmother. Meeting him is just as simple as leaving a relevant comment here and we’ll wait until he drops by at your blog as what he did to me.

Lost Miraculous Medal

I don’t think it has a negative meaning losing the miraculous medal I received years ago when I joined and became an active member of the Children of Mary (COM) in a congregation in our province. If I remembered it right, I lost it when I already college but I received it during my high school days. I don’t know what really happened but I just noticed one day, the miraculous medal I got, wasn’t there in the area in my study table where I usually placed.

Miraculous MedalMiraculous Medal, front view (image from joyjewelers.com.)

Miraculous MedalMiraculous Medal, back view (image from joyjewelers.com.)

I tried sporting for one in many religious item shops in the malls, though they just look the same, but I still wanted to have the very first miraculous medal I received during our COM rites. Mom once said that I just buy a new one and have it blessed by a priest. Mom’s advice was pretty good but my heart still longs to find the most memorable and for me, the more precious medal I received than owning a new one from the mall.

How I just wish I could find it, though it seemed very impossible.

British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68

Alvin Lee, a British Blues-Rock guitarist and a singer of the band Ten Years After, died at the age of 68 after a surgical procedure on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68 (image from festival-guitare-patrimonio.com)

With great sadness, we have to announce that Alvin unexpectedly passed away early this morning after unforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure,” read the message on alvinlee.com. “We have lost a wonderful, much loved father and companion. The world has lost a great and truly gifted musician.

What Obama Said About Energy

In an address that was met with appreciation from the environment protection agencies, President Obama emphasized the need to address global warming in his State of the Union address.

The past precedent

There has been increasing debate from the Obama administration the acquisition of clean energy and the promotion of alternative fuels. The element of alternate energy has been the hallmark of many of Obama’s speeches on the issue of energy. While the oil production in the U.S may have risen, there has also been a marked rise in the incentives for the alternate energy industry.

In a clear cut indicator for action, Obama urged the Congress to opt for bipartisan, market based solution to tackle the issue of climate change. He also remarked about the work of John McCain and Joe Liebermann in this regard. There was an affirmative tone in which President Obama emphasized on the need for action. He clearly indicated that it was his personal motive to take executive actions to combat pollution and climate change.

About Alternate Energy

In his State of the Union Address, Obama has underlined the need for the speeding up the transition to sustainable energy sources. In this regard, he has also hinted at more incentives for acquisition of clean energy via alternate fuels.

sustainable energy sourcesSustainable Energy Sources (image from generateelectricitytoday.com)

Views from Analysts

Analyst Daniel Yergin, author of several critically acclaimed energy books, has a view point. His stance has been on the occurrence of a paradigm shift to alternate energy that would be slow. Furthermore, he also emphasized on the need for policy implementation. As of now, U.S is an oil driven economy, and would continue for the coming time or so. While Obama’s speech has been  met with applaud, it won’t mean anything unless appropriate legislation is passed in this regard.

Many analysts believe that climate change legislation would be too big an expectation from this GOP led house. Opposing to this is the belief that the federal government has sufficient power at hand to fast track clean energy industry. This is already been done by enticing direct investment in this sector. There are models and suggestion from the likes of Senator Lisa Murkowski on the acquisition of clean energy.

In the current status quo, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has full power to act on the carbon emission abuse. This power was given to the EPA via the Clean Air Act. The fruits of it are yet to be seen. There has also been the thinking behind the need of placing a carbon tax that can regulate the emission issue.


Obama’s authoritative stance on the development of clean energy during the State of the Union address had been predicted by many analysts. With climate change on the priority list of the President, it can be expected that the Congress would becoming up with better climate change policy. With the mention of ‘market based approaches’, President Obama has also indicated that he means business in this regard.

Google Doodles Miriam Makeba 81st Birthday

Google Doodles Miriam Makeba 81st Birthday today, March 04, 2013, as we can check on by the Google homepage.

Google Doodles Miriam Makeba 81 BirthdayGoogle Doodles Miriam Makeba 81 Birthday

Miriam Makeba, who is also known as Mama Africa, was an African singer. She received the Best Folk Recording award in Grammy Awards in 1966. On the early 1960s, she was able to popularize African music to the United States and even in the whole world. One of her famous songs was the Pata Pata which was released in 1956 and became popular in Africa. Below is a video of the Miriam Makeba song, Pata Pata.

‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia; Autopsy confirms

The world was surprised with the news about the death of ‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile after it was captured from its natural habitat in 2011 and stayed for 18 months in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur Ecopark.

'LOLONG', the World's Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia

After no more than three (3) weeks, autopsy of the dead crocodile reveals hepatic lipidosis (affecting the liver), congestive heart failure, mycotic pneumonia (affecting the lungs) and chronic nephritis (affecting the kidneys).

The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary, Ramon Paje, said that living in captivity causes the overall health decline of the said giant organism.