News and Current Events Updates

There’s no other means, for me, to have the latest news and current events updates from the country but only from the local television shows. It’s basically the tv which can help me. Though I don’t know how to mount tv on wall, I still insist myself to have a flat screen tv of my own in my room. It’s not that I want a more luxurious life but I just want to connect to the outside world — beyond the world of what I prefer to have, my profession.

TV Wall MountTV Wall Mount (image from

Aside from that, I found myself so uninformed about the recent happenings in the local vicinity especially on weather updates. If mom didn’t inform me, I would never knew that the province is already in storm signal number 1. The worst thing is, I don’t know what the storm name is and I still even asked mom if that was true. Look how stupid was I talking to mom on the phone, arguing with her about the weather.

Anyways, before the summer months, I will probably get my own tv mounted on the wall to have me able to grasp the latest news and current events updates.