Education and other Factors to Success

Education is one of the reasons why many people became successful. In education you will learn so many things in life including skills, philosophy in life, religion, customs, culture, traditions, latest news and never ending information. Nowadays, colleges and universities offer variety of courses; it is your choice to choose which one will complement your talent, lifestyle, ability and knowledge. If you like health and medical topics and issues, then it is recommended to choose a course that is aligned in medicine such as, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, medicine, medical technology, nutrition and dietics, psychiatry etc. If you want to teach, then education is the course for you, there are plenty of majors to choose from, examples are chemistry, biology, computer, math, general science, language, history, psychology, sociology, livelihood education and many more. If your focus is business and finance then you may take up accountancy, banking and finance, business management, business administration and business education. It is really a matter of choice which course to take up based on your preference, just don’t forget that these courses will lead you to success, continuous knowledge and great career.

 In the other side of the road, there are plenty of individuals who get successful without taking up any college degree. These people used some strategies to get what they want in life and to achieve their goals and dreams. As many say, it is a matter of ability and determination to succeed in life. Ample numbers of wealthy individuals do not have college degree or diploma, and some did not even finish high school. Some of these rich persons who were not able to finish college or high school are:

  1. Bill Gates – The founder of Microsoft
  2. Steve Jobs – Apple founder
  3. James Cameron – Director
  4. Harrison Ford – Actor
  5. Tom Hanks – Actor
  6. Tiger Woods – Golf Player
  7. Lady Gaga – Singer
  8. Leonardo Del Vecchio – Businessman
  9. Roman Abramovich – Businessman
  10. Savitri Jindal – Inherited a steel company
  11. Paul Allen – Microsoft and Investment
  12. Michael Dell – Businessman, Dell Computer
  13. Michele Ferrero – Businessman, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
  14. Lee Shau Kee – Real estate
  15. Liliane Bettencourt – L’Oreal
  16. Li Ka-shing – Real estate
  17. Christy Walton –Business, WalMart
  18. Larry Ellison – Oracle

Well, I just want to know if these people ordered fake diploma and fake college transcript for themselves as their novelty collection. As we can see, education, knowledge and determination are key factors to success. Getting a college diploma is important yet it is not the only way to success.

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