Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again?

In this very early morning, nothing has been dancing in my mind but the request of my sister, Wewee, which was to look for cheap yet quality belly buds for her. While doing so, I stumbled upon a lot of pregnancy-related websites and other essentials for pregnant moms and even more about the baby. I was able to read about newborn screening, congenital defects of the newborn to include hearing problems and where to find medical professionals for hearing problems and hearing aid prices and more.

But what really made me stuck about pregnancy and baby talks this moment is when I read an article online saying that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again.

Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again?Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again?(image from

I am not really sure if she really is pregnant again. You may opt to read this article, Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again? The image above, which I just lifted from only shows how Jessica Simpson has changed his body figure, from being that toned body, to a preggy mom and after her pregnancy.

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