Philippines grabs Guinness World Record for “Most People on Catwalk”

Here’s another Guinness World Record for the country, the Philippines, for grabbing the “Most People on Catwalk” record. The event was held yesterday, November 29, 2012 at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City, Philippines.

Guinness World Record for "Most People on Catwalk"Philippines grabs Guinness World Record for “Most People on Catwalk” (image from

The fashion event was entitled “Move to the Vibe of Glorietta”. And it even aimed to put a name on the world map that Philippines should be named the “fashion capital of the world”. Somehow, it did after making it to the Guinness World Record for having the “Most People on Catwalk”.

For the “Most people modelling on a catwalk (multiple venues)” on Guinness World Record was previously grabbed by France after holding a multiple events of modelling on catwalk. But as of now, the Philippines grabs this title, but for a single venue only.

Models, celebrities and other fashion names in the Philippines altogether worked for the success of this event.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Golf Nut

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to start shopping for those not so simple family members and friends. So, with that in mind (it CAN be done!) there are a few must-have gifts for the sports fans in your life. Here are the top 3 great golf gifts that would make the pickiest of present getters happy.

Sky Caddie
For around $350 (depending on the brand) this gadget is going to blow their plaid socks off! It fits easily in pants pockets and gives a view of the course they are about to play. A virtual handheld GPS, the sky caddie is a golfer’s dream.

Custom Logo Golf Balls
Inexpensive and unique, don’t get your loved one the same old golf balls, go for the funny and creative balls that will make them think of you everytime they tee up. With sayings such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Forget Par, Think Bar”, your gift getter is going to end up giving most of these out (take it as a compliment!).

Custom Logo Golf BallsCustom Logo Golf Balls

Shoes They can REALLY Use
Men’s Etonic Golf Shoes are THE shoes for golfers right now. Period. Comfortable and good looking, this gift could change the game for the receiver. These are the shoes for the good list guys, so make sure you get the size right and know what YOU want too!

This is a guest post written by Robyn.

Point of Sale Perfection

With Christmas right around the corner, as a business owner, I can not imagine running my store without the POS (point-of-sale) system. I literally wonder what on earth I did without this amazing gadget beforehand and thanks to many of the great features, sales are up and I am saving money, time and energy.

POS (point-of-sale) systemPOS (point-of-sale) system (image from

This “green machine” doesn’t require paper or ink, so I save money and trees by just e-mailing customers their receipts instead of watching them throw away their printouts as soon as I hand it to them. Not having to constantly purchase paper and ink has saved a ton of money and time.

Keeping track of my customers has allowed me to update their information and notify them when there are certain items on sale. Inventory is a cinch also! No more late nights of counting items by hand, thank goodness. The POS system is constantly updating and keeping track of everything for me.

Thanks to a cloud interface, my information is always safe, even if the power goes out. Everything is safely stored and accessible, which gives you peace of mind that is priceless. With sales increased, lines down and customer service improving daily, I can’t think of a better device for any business owner, especially at this time of the year!

This is a guest post written by Robyn.

Chef-Quality Cooking While Saving the Environment

Living a “green” lifestyle offers many advantages and pleasures, but nowhere is it more prominent than in the kitchen. Cooking in an environmentally-friendly manner means investing in green cookware that is energy efficient and uses advanced technology of heat transfer and food preparation. It allows you to reduce your carbon footprint as you save a significant amount of money, because you eliminate unnecessary energy losses. Being “green” can also include using local vegetables and fruits when they are in season, which may include making canned vegetables, sauces or salads in an affordable, energy-efficient pressure canner.

Chef-Quality Cooking SetChef-Quality Cooking Set (image from

It is possible to cook professionally and be green at the same time. Many professional chefs use green bakeware and cookware to prepare delicious meals that always impress their clientele. Green high-quality cookware is actually affordable and is a solid investment in a great home kitchen as well as in the future of our planet. If you choose to purchase energy-efficient or recycled kitchen tools, you can cook diverse and nutritious meals for your entire family and save money in the long run. If you are enthusiastic about using the local abundance of seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables, then a commercial grade pressure canner is a tool you must have in your kitchen. It allows you to prepare well-sterilized and safe canned vegetables through a painless and pleasant process.

Buying green kitchen accessories may be the best investment in your culinary skills you ever make, because they are made from high-quality, energy efficient materials that can last for years.

Motor Trend Magazine 2013 Top Car: Tesla Model S Electric Sedan

When it comes to cars and other vehicles, I am not so keen on them. I have no car myself nor driving one, perhaps the reason. But when the Tesla Model S Electric Sedan recently named as Motor Trend Magazine 2013 top car, I am itching to try to drive this car and prove myself how and why this been named as such.

Tesla Model S Electric SedanTesla Model S Electric Sedan (image from

Accordingly, this Tesla Model S Electric Sedan is the first electric car to note in the magazine’s 64-year history. This what made me somehow convinced more — the electric car.

But I wonder how much would this be here in the country?

Google Doodles Auguste Rodin 172nd Birthday

Google doodles Auguste Rodin 172nd Birthday today as we can see it in the Google homepage.

Google Doodles Auguste Rodin 172nd BirthdayGoogle Doodles Auguste Rodin 172nd Birthday

Auguste Rodin was a sculptor who has had the ability to create really artistic yet very complex art out of clays. He was known for realism ideas in in the art which he modeled the human body.

Ibanez Electric Guitar

Seeing people enjoying playing guitars that looking like the first-class ibanez from guitar center is really overwhelming for some who do not know how to play such, including me.

Ibanez Electric GuitarIbanez Electric Guitar (image from

Yes! That’s true. I won’t deny that the talent on playing guitars, be it the ordinary non-electronic one, has never been gifted to me. I am not complaining of not having that precious gift, but I just want to express how I feel everytime I see those who who have brilliant hands and fingers in plucking those strings.

Applebee’s Veterans Day 2012 Free Meal

To honor the American veterans today, November 11, 2012, Applebee offers free meals to military on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day 2012Veterans Day 2012 (image from

“Every Veterans Day, Applebee’s invites vets and active duty military to come have a meal on us. It’s our way of saying thanks for their service. But, really, every day is an opportunity to say thank you. So, join us in our Thank You Movement to personally show your gratitude for those who have served, or are currently serving, in our military.”

Early Walmart’s Black Friday 2012 Announcement

This is really it! Walmart announces on their Facebook wall, webpage and on their mobile apps the shopping items that are going to be on sale during the Walmart’s Black Friday 2012.

Walmart's Black Friday 2012Walmart’s Black Friday 2012 (image from

These items electronics and other gadgets, sporting goods, home and living stuff and a lot more.

Walmart also announces that the shop will start the Black Friday 2012 deals in accordance to the 2012 Thanksgiving to open as early as November 22, 2012 at 8:00 PM.

November 2012 Google Page Rank Update

Google seems to be very playful to me this year. And though this is my birthday month, he’s getting even more jesting over my Page Ranks.

November 2012 Page Rank UpdateNovember 2012 Google Page Rank Update

On last update, August 2012 Page Rank Update, this blog, Walking News Paper, dropped from PR 3 to PR 2. Good enough it’s still stable at PR 2. But my other blogs, most of them dropped from PR 2 to PR 1 which made me frustrated and lose hope in the blogging world.