4 Reasons To Vote Yes On Prop 39 In California

Prop 39 is a proposition that is designed to bring in a billion dollars and thousands of jobs to California. It aims to close the loophole that allows corporations to profit heavily on the struggles of the middle class. This prop is for individuals that want more job opportunities.

Major corporations are against the prop. Their opposition has prevented this prop from advancing and getting passed in the state. Voters now have the opportunity to turn that around and ensure that the prop is passed for the greater good of California.

4 Reasons To Vote Yes On Prop 39 In California4 Reasons To Vote Yes On Prop 39 In California (image from blogger.com)

Here is an appeal for Proposition 39 – Why You Should Vote Yes:

It Will Provide Alternative-Energy Projects

Half of every new dollar that comes from other states will be put towards projects that help improve alternative energy. These projects are greatly needed in California to help reduce the emissions produced by citizens of California. Schools and other public buildings will also be modified to be more energy efficient with these dollars. It’s a measure that can improve the lives and air quality for Californians across the state.

More Money In The Economy

The local economy in California is struggling, and more money for citizens isn’t a bad thing. Californians will see a boost in the economy if they vote yes on prop 39 this year. A economic boost will result in far more jobs and a better quality of life for Californians.

Money Towards Schools

The next five years will be a great advancement for education institutions throughout California if this measure passes. One billion is expected to be put into schools if Prop 39 is approved and the loophole is closed. Everyone wants better educational standards and opportunities for children, and this proposition can easily provide what the school systems of California need.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

Other states have voted yes on similar propositions to close loopholes that benefit corporations. This is a rapid change in the way the economy works, and it has the potential to change the world on a broader scale. Voting yes on this proposition will only improve the quality of life in California and make California a stronger state.

Proposition 39 will lead to projects that improve cleaner energy. This proposition has bipartisan support, but there are special-interest groups that do not want it to pass. Voters must get out there and vote yes on the prop in order for this to pass.