Page Rank Update for November 2012

Just a few hours from now, another month of new challenges and excitements is about to start, not just in my personal life, not to mention my promise to help a friend purchase hitch bike racks, but also in my blogs. And one of which is the upcoming page rank update for November 2012.

Page Rank Update 2012 SchedulePage Rank Update for November 2012

I am not sure though if there will be page rank update for November 2012, but I am just looking forward to it even though I can’t seem to see an deserved-treat in increasing my blog’s PR. I have done nothing for the page rank of this blog the past months. What else should I get?

Anyways, let us just all welcome November 2012 with a happy heart still.

Disney, to buy Star Wars production company, Lucasfilm

The Walt Disney Company just recently announces that they are going to buy the Star Wars production company, the Lucasfilm.


As excerpted from the former company’s press release below:

Global leader in high-quality family entertainment agrees to acquire world-renowned Lucasfilm Ltd, including legendary STAR WARS franchise.

Acquisition continues Disney’s strategic focus on creating and monetizing the world’s best branded content, innovative technology and global growth to drive long-term shareholder value.

Lucasfilm to join company’s global portfolio of world class brands including Disney, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel and ABC.

STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 feature film targeted for release in 2015.

Give Your Makeup Final Touch with a Top Branded Fragrance

Makeup is not all about looking fashionable; it is also about smelling good. In other words, you need to give importance to not only your appearance but also your freshness. You should smell good; otherwise you may fail to get the attention you are looking for. Imagine when you smell like a fresh rose, jasmine or any flavour you would like, you can make your impression better among your friends and dear ones. People would love to do friendship with you. Perfumes are essential fashion accessories for both girls and boys. If you have a craze for fragrances, here are some important things to know…

PerfumesPerfumes (image from

How to put on fragrances…

Wearing fragrances is an art. Not everyone is successful in locking freshness like a perfume for a long time. For them it is essential to know that how to apply chanel fragrances. Remember, a perfume freshness locks for a long time when you apply it when your body has moisture. If you have oily skin, it means you can smell good longer than those with dry skin. The persons with dry skin need to apply their favourite scent right after a bath. It’s because at that time the body has moisture and is able to keep the fragrance freshness lock for a longer time. Behind ears and armpits are areas where you can apply perfume to find better effect of it.

How to purchase a perfume…

Purchasing a perfume is not as easy as it seems. Here you need to plan out the flavour and the brand. You cannot think of purchasing unbranded one as it may cause skin related infections like itching and redness. Today, there are many top fashion houses that are engaged in producing different flavour fragrances. So, it’s essential to decide which one you want to make your favourite. Choosing more than one brand will be a nice idea as it will give you an idea on which one is better and meets with your needs. Deciding the flavour is another important thing. You should have at least 5-6 types of flavours of perfumes if you love wearing perfume daily. Using different flavours will break your monotony towards colognes.

Once you know the brand and the flavour you would like to buy you can go ahead for shopping. Choosing online shopping would be a smart idea as there are many online stores offering heavy discounts on top branded perfumes. Discount fragrances shop are available that make your online shopping experience pleasant. Do your payment online. There is no need to waste your precious time and money. The chosen cologne will be available at your doorstep within a week.

This is a guest post written by Sophia.

Replica Rolex Date Just – For All Class Persons

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A guest post written by Sami.

Natina Reed, Star of Bring It On, Dies at 32

Natina Reed, an American actress, rapper, singer and a star of the 2000 cheerleading flick, Bring It On, died at age 32.

Natina Reed, Star of Bring It On, Dies at 32Natina Reed, Star of Bring It On, Dies at 32 (image from

Accordingly, Reed died after she was struck by a car in a highway in Atlanta, Georgia.

Arts Transcends Barrier

Just like music, art has been one of the oldest avenues of communication. It transcends language barriers. Regardless of the skin color, one kind of art can be understood the same way. At other times, the same kind of art projects a different interpretation especially if the art is abstract. That is just the way it is. It welcomes different opinions which are unique to the individual’s point of view. It transcends religious or political views. Even the infamous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci has been the most talked about, the most visited, the most written and sung about piece of art throughout the whole world. The only ones who cannot relate are those who are blind, yet, some blind used their imagination to appreciate the same.

ArtsArts (image from

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fine LDS art has many examples to show that anyone can appreciate art. With the availability of the internet and the ease of delivery all over the world no one can stop anyone from owning LDS paintings. Most will have an effect on one’s feelings and outlook. They have the quality that shouts for positive outlook.

Paintings are great to have in one’s domain. A bedroom with nice paintings will make you think and appreciate life. It makes one meditate. It makes the mind work its neurons so as not to leave them stressed or simply tired but it gives new spark. An idle mind breeds evil so if the mind is meditating as a result of looking at the painting, then that painting is doing a good job to make life better. Situations may not be as good but the acceptance of challenges is more like easier than without the help of the painting. Of course there are paintings that are a result of bad emotions. You will not choose them, though, will you?

Emanuel Steward, famous boxing trainer, dies at 68

Emanuel Steward, a famous boxing trainer and the owner of the Kronk Gym in Detroit died at the age of 68 in Chicago Hospital. But the cause of death was not disclosed.

Emanuel StewardEmanuel Steward (image from

Emanuel Steward was included in the International Hall of Fame in the Boxing field. He was one of the trainers of some famous boxing names today including Oscar De La Hoya, Thomas Hearns, Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis.

Dance Team Gift Ideas

Holidays are coming and gift-giving is just one of the things we can associate with during these celebrations. And to any cheer-leading or dance team head, coach or chairman, dance team gift ideas is somehow difficult to think of. But here’s one idea I can share based on my personal experience.

Dance Team Gift IdeasDance Team Gift Ideas (image from

I was a member in an integrated performing arts way back secondary education years and during holidays, each member of the team were given a shoulder bag which is very durable and helpful for us to use every time we have a practice. The bag was printed with the team’s name on it.

So, how do you think this dance team gift idea for you?

The New iPad ‘mini’, REVEALED!

Apple revealed its newest and sleekest gadget to date, the iPad “mini”.

iPad MINIiPad Mini (image from

This new iPad “mini” has a 7.9 inches display. It is definitely a very handy gadget. Accordingly, what’s good in this kind of gadget is that it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and its viewing area is large and wide enough for both portrait and landscape views, respectively.

Press Release: Ehsan Bayat

President and CEO, Ehsan Bayat of Telephone Systems International and founder of Afghan Wireless, has recently been appointed Senator of the Afghanistan Upper House. Bayat holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is known for bringing mobile phone technology to the country of Afghanistan in the early 2000’s.

New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersey Institute of Technology (image from

In addition to bringing innovation to his home country, Bayat founded the Bayat Foundation in 2005 in order to rebuild and restore Afghanistan through community development and outreach. With the help of his foundation, Afghanistan has seen improved living conditions, clean water sources, educational programs, career education and sustainability programs. In order to serve the country, the Bayat Foundation collaborates with a number of non-governmental organizations and outreach groups. Several organizations include Roots of Peace, the New Hudson Foundation, and the Sunshine Lady Foundations. Each of these organizations share the common idea that Afghanistan can prosper through the development of its people.

The Bayat Foundation provides the country with programming in the healthcare sector including maternal and infant care, health awareness and clean water as well as educational outreach programs for youth, adults seeking employment and women. Though women still struggle for equality in many parts of the world, the Bayat Foundation hopes to empower women by providing grants and education to encourage independence and success.

Through the ongoing dedication of Ehsan Bayat, who continues to serve on the board of the Foundation, many families have welcomed new opportunities and feelings of prosperity. Due to his passion for his country, Bayat was recognized as the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian in 2010. According to the Bayat Foundation, the award “represents resistance to tyranny and a philosophy based on total non-violence leading to civil rights and freedom. It represents the highest values of a progressive society.”

Prior to receiving that award, Bayat was no stranger to accolades. The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce named him Businessman of the Year after proving his dedication to helping his country through the advancement of mobile technology. He was also presented with the Human Rights National Award by the Afghanistan Human Rights Association after his persistent efforts to make Afghanistan a better place for its citizens.

It is through the work of individuals like Ehsan Bayat that our world continues to develop and that individuals will find opportunity where they never thought possible.