Best Moments at the 2012 Olympics

The recently concluded London 2012 Olympics has been a great success.

Best Moments at the 2012 OlympicsBest Moments at the 2012 Olympics (image from

Many athletes have made their countries proud and bringing home the most coveted Olympic medals have made every athlete reach their highest dreams. Perhaps one of the best moments at the 2012 Olympics was when American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps brought home 21 Gold medals in the 17-day sports event. Being the most celebrated player, Michael Phelps has etched his momentous mark on the history of the Olympics. Another best moment at the recently concluded 2012 Olympics was the finals tennis match between world #1 Roger Federer and world #4 and a local hero as well, Andy Murray. It was a very crucial game and yet Murray bested the world’s best.

The Olympics also had lured many online bettors to place their bets on their favorites. Since many have also considered betting via the World Wide Web, they have placed their best bets online. In this way, bettors can enjoy the Olympics and the games as well as getting the chance to win big bucks.

The Olympics may have already been through but the camaraderie and the sportsmanship and the new friendships formed will last for a lifetime. The best moments will always be remembered and will become an emblem of achievement and true sportsmanship.

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