Technology: Changing face of music over the ages

Music and humanity have been coexisting right from the starting of life. There is music is everything and technology has helped in giving a concrete shape to music with a flute, a violin or a sophisticated MP3 converter of these days.

It was hard earlier to store the music that you loved and as people would die their talent and music would end with them. If you wanted to hear somebody singing you had to be present there at the time of performances. There was no means of recording in older times.

Technology again played a crucial role in making it possible to record voices. Then came the age of records, those large bulky takes with which you could however store music, the quality was often below par. The records allowed people to tune in to their favorite songs whenever they wanted. Both the tapes and the player used to be very bulky and hence a person had to shift to the special room if he wanted to play music on it. There were still some flaws which needed to be corrected like the poor quality of sound and excessively large size of records. The large sized tapes were prone to mechanical damage and thus were not easy to transport.

Technology: Changing face of music over the ages 

Later came the small magnetic tapes, which revolutionized the field of music. It was then that people could carry their favorite songs in their pockets. One cassette used to be roughly of the size of a calculator. It still was bulky and needed a tape recorder to play the songs on it. Humanity still needed a better tool that could be used to play favorite songs anywhere and at anytime.

With increasing interest of people in music with the access of common people to recorded music made it necessary for technology companies to device a better means. With an idea to leverage the potential of music, the invention of walkmans, CDs, CD players came into being. Now things were easier to carry and people could store more number of songs in their devices. There still was a scope of improvement in making it yet more easily accessible.

Then comes sophisticated smart phones and iPods. They have completely changed the scenario. Now people can tune in to their favorite songs anytime and at anyplace. With modern memory card devices they can store as high as 32 GB of songs in a thumbnail sized memory cards. The internet and software like Koyote Free MP3 Converter have further made it easier for people to include music in their lives. Now an existence without music is unimaginable, as music has become an integral part of life.

Author Bio: The author is a part time writer and full time research student. He often writes about how technology like MP3 Converter and others has changed the way people live.

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