Helen Gurley Brown dies at 90

My sporting for plastic printers clear business cards creating ideas for my halted when I read a news about Helen Gurley Brown’s death, many mourn the loss of the iconic former Cosmo editor in chief and author of the 1962 best-selling book “Sex and the Single Girl”. And many women respond to her death on Twitter and described her as a visionary thinker, leader and fearless force of nature. She became one of the world’s most recognized magazine editors and a true pioneer fro women in journalism, according to the magazine’s publisher.

Helen Gurley Brown (image source: elle.com)

She became iconic for her being honest and straightforward advice about relationships, career and beauty into magazines for women. Many have said that she created the idea of a modern woman in her best-selling book “Sex and the Single Girl” who encourages single women to enjoy being single and find fulfillment in work and take pleasure with sex even if unmarried. I believe that the fame she got came from a hard life that she experienced when her father died when she was still 10 years old.

Brown passed away at age 90 at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Colombia after a brief hospitalization, although there was no cause of her death yet that was released as of the moment. Her husband of more than 50 years died last February 2010 at the age of 93.