5 Common Accidents at Work

Wet Floors. In restaurants and hotels, in particular, spillages are potentially dangerous due to the rushing around that tends to occur. Spillages are left unattended on the floor and waiters, unaware of them, walk with their vision blocked by trays and whatever else they may be carrying. This can cause them to slip and fall. Whilst a large number of accidents don’t typically result in serious injuries, should the waiter be carrying items, this can prevent a softened fall by using their hand which means that they will fall on their hips or elbows. This can result in serious fractures.

Work Injury Claim form (image source: stockpodium.com)

Factory Accidents. Factories are potentially dangerous places of work. The more common factory accidents typically see workers tripping over packaging that has been discarded. Each employer must ensure that any used packaging is relocated to soft containers rather than simply thrown on the floor.

Warehouse Accidents. One of the more common types evolve around storage facilities. Sometimes, employees are stacking shelves constantly and any frailty in the shelf can result in it collapsing. The worst case scenario is a trapping injury which occurs when shelving is removed from the wall and it proceeds to collapse on top of the employee. This can result in a serious injury with long-term complications.

Forklift Truck Accidents. These are a relatively common occurrence. Each driver must have received training and the employer need to ensure that trained workers only use the truck. If there is insufficient supervision and untrained drivers are using the truck, or even trained drivers dropping pallets or causing items to fall on their colleagues, this can result in a successful compensation claim.

Machinery Accidents. Any injuries that have occurred when using machinery can be severe. If the operator of the machine has not received sufficient training or if the machinery has not been subject to the appropriate care or if guards haven’t been fitted, employees can suffer from serious injuries. This can lead to amputation and possibly even death. Machinery has an element of danger and requires first-rate care when being used by both employers and workers.

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