Google Doodles Maria Montessori 142nd Birthday

Google doodle today seems to be very educational as Google Doodles Maria Montessori 142nd Birthday.

Google Doodles Maria Montessori 142nd Birthday

Google Doodles Maria Montessori 142nd Birthday

Maria Montessori was an educator and a physician. She was known for the philosophy of education. In fact, as her name implies, which is used in many educational institutions now a days, she really was indeed!

Relevant Articles from Lawrence Reaves

Perhaps they say being a freelance writer is a not-so rewarding job at all, but for some, being able to impart knowledge on the readers is rewarding per se. One cannot buy knowledge at all, so providing relevant information for free is one thing we should be thankful of.
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Optimizing Computer PerformanceOptimizing Computer Performance (image from
Aside from that, he also has a variety of topics and articles ranging from ways to helping the environment, squashing stress the natural way, to benefits of indoor plants, to an overview of Osteoporosis, even using magnets for promotional marketing. There are also articles that tackle wedding budgets and test-taking tips.
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Living in One With Nature in Jackson Hole

Living in the city can really be tough. You have to face head on all the pollution, go through heavy traffic everyday, eat all the unhealthy stuff like fast foods and instant meals, live in crowded communities and in just take the fast life. In the city, everything and everyone is in a hurry and finding a good spot for a breather and sip in some fresh air is somewhat impossible.

Teton ValleyTeton Valley (image from

With all these, many people prefer to live where greeneries abound, where they wake up to the small of fresh morning air, where they hear the birds chirping and where the children’s playground are the national parks and the outdoors. Well, you can always have and experience that at Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Jackson Hole is not only the outdoors, it is a place where the possibilities are endless, just like the city, but way much different, it’s peaceful, no heavy traffic, no instant meals and a whole lot more.

Jackson Hole is the perfect place to raise a family, there are schools, the healthcare system is excellent, recreational facilities are available, and downtown shops have all your needs.

If you want to acquire a property in this amazing place, Jackson real estate — Teton Valley Realty is the company to call. They have in the business since 1976 and have helped so many achieve their dreams of owning a property in such a beautiful place. Their expert agents have all the answers to your queries and will offer assistance in any way possible. Check out their website, your dream place might just be at your fingertips.

Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ welcomes baby boy, Lorenzo Dominic

Can you still remember my post about Snooki expects a baby boy? And yes! She just gave birth to, indeed, a baby boy, Lorenzo Dominic early morning of Sunday, August 26, 2012.

Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' welcomes baby boy, Lorenzo DominicSnooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ welcomes baby boy, Lorenzo Dominic (image from

Lorenzo Dominic weighed 6 pounds and 5 ounces.

Snooki gave birth at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J.

Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dies at 82

The very first man who landed on the moon in July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, died at the age of 82 after suffering from complications of a cardiovascular procedures.

Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dies at 82 Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dies at 82 (image from

That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,” Neil Armstrong said.

Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dies at 82

LG launches LG Optimus 4X HD in the Philippines

After the first launching of the LG Optimus 4X HD in Barcelona, Spain earlier this year, LG finally announce their event launching of its first quad-core smartphone in the Philippines.

LG Optimus 4X HDLG Optimus 4X HD (image from

What are the things to look forward to for this LG Optimus 4X HD?

Just a bit of information, this is, by far, the fastest smartphone in the country having four (4) core mobile processor. Basically, it has a remarkable speed and performance. One can modify its settings like using all the 4 cores at a time, or disabling one to control the power or saving battery consumption.

This LG Optimus 4X HD is physically fashionable as it only measures 132.4 x 68.1 x 8.9 mm and weighs 133 grams which is just very handy to think about.

For more information about LG Optimus 4X HD, visit

Looking for an Event Venue

Getting information for the best venue for your event can be a challenging one.

Your event could be a conference, training or even a wedding, but the challenge is the same. We could even say that the venue you choose could make or break your event. You may have the best preparation in terms of the speaker and materials needed for your conference or seminar, you may have the best food and the best theme for your wedding but without the right avenue, you may still end up unsatisfied and unhappy with the actual event.

And so if the venue is that crucial, you need to get the best possible options you could get before making that venue choice. It is good news that with the internet and your reliable desk top or laptop, you can now readily access the information you need. In short, you can click on and check your options at any time of the day and at any time of the week. You may have thought that all you could do before was make numerous phone calls and search newspapers or magazines endlessly to get information on your needed venue. Thankfully, this is no longer true. Thanks to technology and thanks to websites that can give you just what you need.

An Insight into Ancient and Modern Tapestries

Are you planning to buy a new home; so, what have you thought about its interiors? Tapestry is a creative textile art which can be a great element of your interior home décor. What comes to your mind when you think about the word “tapestry”?

TapestryTapestry (image from

In literal sense, it is an ornamental woven cloth in wool or golden thread with some pictorial representations. While it was a symbol of class and status in medieval historical period, replicas of original tapestries serve wider people today to decorate their homes and offices.

Wall Art for your Home Interiors

Today, tapestry is synonymous to home interiors and a common sight in every household, office or any other residential location. In fact, these are wonderful woven designs for any living or working place. These are usually high priced, but you can Save on Tapestries by shopping intelligently. It can change the overall look of your home, whether it is hung at a prominent place or placed aesthetically all around in your house.

No other home décor can bring such grandeur to your living space than these art wall hangings, which give a vivid look to your house. They are designed by highly skilled artisans and craftsmen; therefore, it is regarded as a luxurious home décor. The skill required to create this art is entirely unquestionable.

Historical Background of Tapestry

The art of tapestry traces back to 1500 BC when oddments of Egyptian culture were preserved in museums. This luxurious form of art was then adopted by Greeks and Chinese. Throughout the Renaissance period, France played an instrumental role in perfecting this art. Tapestries now became a popular means for many artists to capture and express the beauty of life through these tastefully woven pieces.

The art of tapestry has been into existence for many hundreds of years, being replicated in different cultures of the world. In fact, these have been used to embellish some important historical buildings like homes of the rich and famous, cathedrals, Queen’s palace and Castles of the royal families. All thanks to the ancient tapestries, we can revert back to the era through the stories portrayed through this medium of art. Since it speaks a universal language, it is understood and admired by all.

During 13th and 14th century, the mystery and romanticism of Gothic art became extremely popular. It was vividly seen in tapestry’s woven art; and in true Gothic style, they were romantic as well as spiritual. During that time, owning a tapestry was regarded as a status symbol and was mainly afforded by the aristocrats.

Modern Tapestries and Home Decor

In the past, tapestries were carried by royals and aristocrats even to the battlefields. This was the best way to display their wealth and artistic charisma to impress others. The tapestry of the defeated ruler would become the property of the triumphant king.

Today, tapestries are popularly used in homes and these serve many practical purposes. These are one of the best ways to accentuate the beauty of one’s home. It is one of the most creative art pieces that give a refreshing and a unique feel to your home interiors. When compared with other art pieces, it is more attention-seeking and makes your home the cause of envy for neighbors!

Are these as costly as in historical times? No, the replicas of the original ones can add an equivalent grandeur to your residence, but due to the modern technology employed in their manufacturing, these are quite affordable today.

Author bio: Hi friends, this is Jenny, a freelance writer by profession. I love to write on various topics especially home, beauty and art. Every small thing inspires me, which you can find in my write ups.

How to feel great when you are sleeping and dreaming at night

To care for our self is our duty and don’t ask why because we should. We have a body who does need our unconditional care and we have to treat it well so that it could still help us to work our tasks in our jobs. As an individual, I do a lot of care for my body and yes I passionately do because I need my body in order for me to work besides it helps me to earn money to sustain my family’s needs as well as mine. I usually live a healthy lifestyle and I run every morning for almost two hours and I need to get sweat to reduce my fats and improve my body so that I don’t easily get sick.

You know what the proper and most popular treatment that we should do to our body is to give a high quality and long-time of sleep not to sleep forever but for awhile only. Render at least 7-9 hours of sleep everyday to gain a good conditioned for our body so that it will last until the time of resting came. Yeah, it was found that it is really the best option and alternative that we should do for our body and I guess you all guys agree, am I right?. We can’t even deny the fact that sometimes we have lack of hours to sleep because of some valid reasons but you know we all have a pure obligation for our body and it should have an awesome treatment by us. Yes, I understand why you have a lack of sleep besides I gain that too but every time I felt that I am abusing my body already I usually give myself a better and natural medicine which is to rest during my vacant time or weekends.

Do you know that when I go to sleep and night I feel great and awesome when I woke up? Hmmmp, I think you should know what is my secret and why I can experience such greatness effortlessly because I wear cotton pajamas and addition to that, it is highly recommended because it enhanced and made our dreams more great and I bought it at sleepwear online

If only dreaming or sleeping is a sports I would probably made this as my field and hobby but suddenly it does not qualify for me because I’m a workaholic person and I get sick when I missed my job.

Guest Post Writer Bio:

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Taylor Swift to release 4th album, “Red”

The multi-platinum singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has announced the worldwide release of her fourth album on October 22 during a live web chat while I was sporting for wrestling mat.

Taylor Swift to release 4th album “Red”Taylor Swift to release 4th album, “Red” (image from

According to news release, the album titled “Red” has 16 tracks in it and it was also during the web chat that she launched the very first single of the album, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. That immediately rise rapidly to the top of iTunes top songs chart. And it also raised speculations on which the target of the song might be as she implicitly voiced it out that it is to her ex-boyfriend.

The highly anticipated Taylor Swift’s fourth album titled ”Red’ was in contrast to her latest album “Speak Now” as she collaborated with several songwriters, artists and producers which was two years in the making. She also revealed that she called it “Red” because of the different emotions from the relationships that she have experienced in the past two years. And at a very young age of 22, she became the youngest winner of the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in history. She is also a six-time Grammy winner while Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world and there’s still a long lists of awards to mention.