Music is a man’s all time friend

There are times when you are extremely happy and also there are moments of sadness. A man needs family and friends under both the circumstances to share the feelings. It is human nature to be in the company of others for different reasons and walk through the journey called life. But you never know when your family and friends is not around to share your joy or sorrow with you. Whom should you turn to under those circumstances? Who shall be your ultimate support when you are all by yourself? “Music” is the answer that I can think of.

Music has got a great history behind its back. It has several forms and styles from classical to jazz, from rock to pop, and more. It has been the basic ingredient of every culture and there is probably no land on the planet earth where it is not present in its local form. Music is omnipresent and is not restricted by physical borders of any other bounds. With Globalization riding on a speedy horse, music has moved beyond its place of origin and has traveled far wide. It has gone international and people like different forms of music that was not the case about a decade back.

The point is irrespective of the form and style, culture and geographical location, music resides in the hearts of all human beings. It doesn’t even discriminate on the basis of age. The aged like the music as much as it would be like by a child, adolescent or an adult. The only difference remains is the type of music one prefers to hear – soft or loud, sad or happy, heartbreak or romantic, success or failure. There is music available for feeling that a human being can feel.

The most important element about music is that you can hear it anywhere and anytime. That’s not true with your family and friends. They can’t be available around you to share each and every moment of sadness or happiness. There are times that you are left alone. Music comes to your rescue at that moment. Feeling happy, hear loud and rock music and dance along and have an adrenaline rush in your body. Feeling sad, hear music that’s soft and soulful that can sooth your pain and make you feel better. You probably won’t need any other human being by your side when you have music with you.

The most important characteristic about music is its power to reduce stress and infuse relaxation to the man’s mind. We all like to share our problems with our friends, family and partners so that we can get rid of the stress caused by the same. But there are times when we can’t or don’t want to discuss it with them. What to do then? Shall keep on walking the planet with a stresses mind? No, is the answer. One should resort to music as it definitely got some stress-relieving qualities.

Music also heals. Some scientific research work had been done in the past that supports this fact. It is known that the happiness hormones (Endorphins) are released in the body when we hear our favorite music.

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Author Bio – Abella Smith is a professional blogger and music is very close to her heart. She is fond various Rock Bands and loves to have a collection of her favorite music (songs and singers).

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