Is a Car a Luxury or a Necessity?

When we think of needs, food, water, shelter typically comes to mind. But in this modern world, despite the still shaky economy felt by many, a few high-tech communication devices – smart phones and high speed internet has been seemingly added to that “necessity list” particularly among the new generation.

While on some bigger regions a car is still indispensable. Most Americans still continue to view automobile as an essential medium for convenience despite the financial obligations it entails having one – a car note (should the vehicle is acquired out of a bank loan, insurance premium, gas money repair and maintenance and not to mention the tickets if you live in a large city where a parking is at premium. Imagine how annoying that is.

For some folks, alternatives like using the public transport, getting a bike (for a much cheaper cost), renting a car or hopping on a taxi to get to their destination every day may work and enough to allow them to go without a car. However, for a large number of people who cannot take full advantage of the above mentioned cost cutting alternatives, it would be next to impossible to go around car-less and therefore, getting a modest one (see Provo Accord) that they can afford will remain a viable option.

Having a car after all is not a question of either a luxury or a necessity. It’s a matter of circumstances and lifestyle.

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