The Changing World of Retail

The current climate of recession and low consumer confidence has taken its toll on the retail market. This, along with the rise in online shopping, has meant that retailers have begun to evolve in order to gain and keep customers. For new businesses, it can be a struggle to compete with larger stores while paying the high rental costs for space in prime locations. Many companies are looking at new ways of overcoming these obstacles and, as a result, are changing the way people shop.

Click and collect

The recent boom in online shopping has meant that those retailers without a website may be left behind. Many consumers now expect to be able to shop at their favorite store from the comfort of their own home. Those with busy lives can enjoy the convenience and time saved by ordering items, such as groceries and having them delivered to their door. The downside to online shopping is waiting in for parcels to be delivered, or having to queue at the post office for their missed package. Companies have noticed this and many have introduced a click and collect system, where the customer orders and pays for their goods online. The customer then collects them from the store at a convenient time. This has proven to be popular with consumers who like the convenience and money saved by not having to pay delivery charges. For larger stores with a website and premises in lots of easy to reach locations, this is an ideal way to attract and keep customers.


For smaller companies trading in niche markets, a kiosk is a great way to own retail space at a fraction of the leasing cost. Most retail units are rented at a price per square foot, so a four by four foot kiosk can give a retailer a substantial saving on their overhead costs. Whilst display space is limited, the retailer can set out popular items, without having to carry as much stock as a larger shop, saving on outlay. Those whose business is providing a service such as beauty treatments or catering, may not need lots of space. For these companies, especially small start-ups, a kiosk is an ideal alternative to leasing shop space. Along with the costs saved, kiosks are usually located in prime positions in shopping centers, where it is easy to attract the attention of potential customers.

Pop up shops

A pop up shop is a relatively new idea for companies who want to get noticed. The company use a space for a day and showcase what they have for sale in an exhibition style display. The fact that the shop is only there for one day creates a sense of urgency for the customer. They are unable to shop around and come back another day and they are more likely to buy on impulse. The pop up shop idea is a great way of generating consumer interest in a brand or company and money is saved by renting a space for one day.

The retail market is changing to cope with the changing demands of the consumers. Many people now shop online from home or on their mobile phone. Click and collect options are perfect for people who want to have an interesting shopping experience and save time and money where ever possible. Pop up shops and kiosks allow smaller companies the opportunity to compete among larger high street stores, while giving the consumer more choice.

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