New Business Idea: Online Trading

In as much as I wanted to have my own business, I am pretty sure I couldn’t manage it properly for now.


First thing is that I don’t have enough time to dwell on any businesses that I have in mind. Suffice it to say that I am still in my medical schooling and I don’t want running a business could hinder me from realizing what I dreamed of.

Another thing is that, I don’t have enough knowledge on how to wisely survive the business world. Accordingly, business is a rat race. Hence, one should be well-determined and bombarded with enough knowledge for almost all of the possible consequences and turn-outs of a business for it to succeed in these very competitive world.

Yes! These are just some of the things that are pulling me back and whispering me not to open and think of having my own business today. However, with the newest business trend today, where one should only have an internet connection his-self and a computer thence, he can do good business — online trading. Of course, the mentioned materials are just some of the most basic. But digging more, online trading is not just as simple as online shopping where, in just a click of the mouse of the computer, shopping items will be there in the doorstep after an hour, a day or two.

Online Trading (image source and credits)

Online trading, furthermore, is buying and selling stocks and Forex online. But it’s not just as simple as its name implies. I’ve read a number of articles about online trading, and though I grasped some info, still I am not confident to try such business. But, if and only if I could decide then, I surely need a larger financial aid and there’s no other means but to avail for credit loans from international credit companies that have global international collection agencies to cater my needs. One of these credit companies, as much as possible, should also have a debt collection agency perhaps to monitor and collect what I’ve credited from such company.

Whew! By just plainly thinking of these stuff, I’m almost chasing over my breathe. But I am not closing doors of opportunities and possibilities to have me a business like this. Well then, who knows, in one of these days, I could manage and own a online trading company, right?