Where the Eye is in the Cat Eye Beads

One very popular bead is the cat eye bead. These are great for making almost any kind of jewelry as well as many decorations. They have been given this name because this is what they do look like, a cat’s eye. Most people will agree that the most dazzling look that is achieved will be in the popular round shape of this style of bead.

There are many different shapes and sizes that are available. Almost any shape or size can be found in these if a person is looking in the right places. Even though there are many shapes and sizes, there will only be a range of approximately twenty colors that can be chosen from.

The hue will change as light is captured and reflected. They are often known as the fiber optic beads. This is because they have a band of light that runs through the center. This is what gives it the cat eye appearance. Every color will give these a new look. This is a great option for making many different beads.

These cat eye beads are often found in a pair of earrings. They are easy to match to make a beautiful pair of them. Even though, they are more expensive to produce, they are very popular among any age group. Sometimes these are used as pendants when the larger one is available.

These offer a very sleek look with a texture of its own. This texture is not usually found in other types of beads. This is another feature that makes these look absolutely amazing. It is made from very high quality glass. These can be made into any piece of jewelry. Everyone will love the way that these shine with the way that they look at the person. They will keep watch on everyone in the room.

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