Protecting My Digital Reputation

Owning a handful of blogs can really take most of my time. Thinking of what to write and what to put on these blogs can, at times, drain me mentally, not to mention the studying I have to do for med school.

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I say that writing, quality content and posts, takes time because whatever comes out of these blogs become public. Even if it is the most mundane thing in the world, when I publish it, it becomes a target for everyone’s intention, good or bad.

I’ve read an article on protecting my digital reputation authored by Michael Fertik and I have learned that when people search for me in Google, they should see terrific and good things about me or a company. When I rant about something and publish it, people might take it the wrong way. So my digital reputation really depends on me, that I should be wary and conscious of whatever I write or bring out to the public.

As I was reading the article, I have also learned that Michael Fertik is a Silicon Valley Internet Entrepreneur. He founded which aims to protect reputation and digital privacy of individuals and companies. It was really a good thing that I was able to stumble on that article, it made me realize that no one is safe, even in the World Wide Web.

Men’s Golf Apparel at

Golf, they say is a millionaire’s game, with expensive accessories and attires that go with it, not many people play this sport. But even if it takes some amount for this sport, many wealthy people are engrossed with golf. The investment you put in is worth it when you win a game or in a tournament. Golf players also don fashionable attires when games are held. If you are a golf player or planning to learn to play golf, visit for a New Golf Line of trendy and sporty apparel available at reasonable prices. Golf Apparel at is made of quality fabrics and any player wearing Bogner products would surely be a head turner.

The skills and technique in golf that you will learn and becoming a master would surely match your golf attire. The apparel also is a form of investment in golf aside from the accessories, your membership to exclusive golf and sports club, the amenities that come with it, and brushing shoulders with the elite; all these are just some of what you can get and what’s in store for you. Therefore, quality, trendy and fashionable golf attire should be worn.

Golf really is not a game for all, not a game for the masses, but if you really want to pursue such sport, you will have to invest a hefty amount, take a lot of practice and training, pretty soon, your investment will return a thousand folds.

Where the Eye is in the Cat Eye Beads

One very popular bead is the cat eye bead. These are great for making almost any kind of jewelry as well as many decorations. They have been given this name because this is what they do look like, a cat’s eye. Most people will agree that the most dazzling look that is achieved will be in the popular round shape of this style of bead.

There are many different shapes and sizes that are available. Almost any shape or size can be found in these if a person is looking in the right places. Even though there are many shapes and sizes, there will only be a range of approximately twenty colors that can be chosen from.

The hue will change as light is captured and reflected. They are often known as the fiber optic beads. This is because they have a band of light that runs through the center. This is what gives it the cat eye appearance. Every color will give these a new look. This is a great option for making many different beads.

These cat eye beads are often found in a pair of earrings. They are easy to match to make a beautiful pair of them. Even though, they are more expensive to produce, they are very popular among any age group. Sometimes these are used as pendants when the larger one is available.

These offer a very sleek look with a texture of its own. This texture is not usually found in other types of beads. This is another feature that makes these look absolutely amazing. It is made from very high quality glass. These can be made into any piece of jewelry. Everyone will love the way that these shine with the way that they look at the person. They will keep watch on everyone in the room.

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Google Doodles Gideon Sundback 132nd Birthday

Notice the Google homepage today and you will surely see how Google Doodles Gideon Sundback 132nd Birthday today.

Google Doodles Gideon Sundback 132nd Birthday, Google Doodles Gideon Sundback 132nd Birthday

Gideon Sundback was a Swedish-American electrical engineer who was known for the development of zipper.

Know Your Diet Pills

With the egression of many different diet pills today, it is still very important that one should take a look to the details of the diet pills they are taking. This is because, diet pills can provide only two things to us — either harm us or gives the perfect outcome for our body.

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Take for instance, the details and information about diet pills provided at These are very helpful to any who are planning to give dieting pills a try.

Levon Helm, key member of The Band, dies at 71

Mark Lavon “LevonHelm, the only  American member of The Band, a rock multi-instrumentalist and also an actor dies at the age of 71 due to complications of cancer. He was diagnosed to have throat cancer in 1998.

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Levon Helm is known for his unique style of drumming and his soulful voice. Some of his songs are The Weight, Ophelia and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. His album Dirt Farmer earned him a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album in February 2008.

FREE Slot Machine at Europa Casino

For me, it is obviously more fun to play online games than doing beach volleyball under the summer heat. I haven’t escaped any beach resorts and even wore my best swimwear yet. But if you’ll ask me how many times I’ve hit online slots, you, then you would surely say that indeed I’ve found online games more fun and excitement to attend to than those getaways and escapades lately.

I have already visited a lot of online game websites and played a hundred times from there too. One of them is the Europa Casino.

Europa Casino, just a bit of information, is an online gaming and gambling website where one can choose different online games. One can play casinos, roulette, blackjack or even online slots. Online slots is one of my best choice. I love to play it because it thrills and excites me to what the next possible combinations would be and if it could win me.

But what I like more with this website is that they also offer free slot machine. As I have said, slot machines are one of the best games I usually play even in real casino halls. Having a chance to play with the free slot machine they have, is already an ‘A’ point for the said website.

Other than that, Europa Casino is available in many different languages which enables the site to be accessed and be played by different people. Another thing is that they have casino software which anybody can download and conveniently play with it anytime he could.

Online Midnight Sale at announces that they will be having an upcoming online midnight sale between Tuesday, midnight ET, 9 p.m. PT. until Wednesday, 8 a.m. ET, 5 a.m. PT. Yay! This is really a very good news especially to online shoppers!

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Some of the items revealed available for the midnight are Viore 24″ Class LED HDTV for only $199.99 and a 40% off on Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera. More items will be revealed later during the midnight sale.

This online midnight sale is one thing that I have been looking forward to. And the things I loved to shop are, of course, Deborah’s accessories, if you didn’t know it yet, Deborah is my Canon EOS 60d DSLR camera, for my iPad accessories and some musical equipments and instruments since a friend of mine ask me a favor to check for online sale on American Audio DJ Gear. He isn’t a disk jockey (DJ), but he wanted me to look for cheaper DJ gears. Hopefully, I could catch even one from those mentioned stuff I want.

Herbal Products Today

The idea of using herbal plants and products is a traditional way in medicine. It makes use of the natural benefits and potentials of plants products in healing any health problems.

However, though the field of medicine has evolved and a lot of innovations are emerging so fast, these herbal products are still being used today by many. One good example for these are K6 herbal incense and spiritual powders. They are naturally processed plant parts to produce powders as incense. Incense, as we all know, are used to produce scented aromatic smokes for relaxation, meditation and even during spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Moreover, herbal products are also manufactured to help maintain physical alertness and vigor. For instance, Party enhancers, produce and manufactured by Herbal City LLC, help to strengthen the body’s stamina and energy even during the night.

These are just some of the benefits and uses of the herbal products today.

Jim Yong Kim, New World Bank President

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, the World Bank chose a new president to lead the company for the next five years.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a Korean-American health expert is the newly-elected president of The World Bank. His term of office will be effective starting this coming July 01, 2012 up to 5 years.

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Other nominees were the presidential seat were the Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Jose Antonio Ocampo, former Colombian finance minister.