Playground Structure Ideas

Kids really do love to play whether they are on their school, at the park, at home, in the neighborhood or even at the malls. It actually their work — playing. So if you are you planning to have your own customized playsets for you kids at home, should you check these playground structure ideas below.

Single Tower Playground StructureTwo-tower Playground StructureSuper De-Luxe Playground StructureDeluxe Playground Structure

These different playground structure ideas are built to withstand children’s fun work. These are capable of carrying a number of children depending on the structure. These are made of steel that are rubber-coated for kids’ protection.


Playground Structure Ideas — 36 Comments

  1. We have that here near in our house. (Top right picture) My daughter really like to go there. Once she heard the noise of other children playing. She will beg to go out and play. Ohh blessed her.

  2. My kids love to play on the playground .They’re really safe for kids.They also come from different colors.I love the purple colored ones just like we have here.Residents calls it “Purple Park”

  3. Very nice yung 3rd picture.. lower left. Ganda ng design..

    My nieces love to play.. lalo na sa mga playgrounds. Minsan sa playground sa loob ng subdivision, madalas sa playground na nasa malls. Maliban sa nag-eenjoy ang mga bata, they can practice and develop their social skills. 🙂

  4. wish to have even one set of it. maybe in my future dream house. need a big lot to have this one ahaha! will try to save money now for the lot ahaha.

  5. It is a sad thing that Jollibbe, KFC, Tropical Hut and Mcdo do not have playgrounds for the kids anymore. I used to enjoy them in my younger years.

  6. My kids love the playground, it makes their days complete… too bad we do not have a free nearby playground in town…

  7. even the playgrounds nowadays are high tech…when we were kids ung slide straight lang now they have many shapes and twists…

  8. I always take my daughter in a playhouse in one of the malls here in Davao. It is nice because its safe and secured. She also met new friends and had chances to interact with other kids which is good. Very nice post! My little girl will surely love this! 🙂

  9. I used to play everyday at a playground near our old home in San Pedro. That was really fun back then as we don’t worry any problems unlike now.

    Someday, I’ll let my daughter enjoy its structure as she grows old. ^_^

  10. Rubber coated steel is such a great naterial for children’s safety and security. If only every play ground uses this material, the better.

  11. I like the 3rd one on the left, good design. I have 4 nephews and nieces, they have a playground but no palyground structure just a mango tree which they love climbing and my kuya put a swing for them..

  12. Are they not so massive to fit in an ordinary child room..well unless the parent is too wealthy to provide him his own slide set and playground inside his home.

    These are the common designs we find in most playgrounds and public parks here in Europe and they are indeed very nice for children.

  13. The primary consideration in anything that has to do with kids is safety – both structural and material. We have to make sure they are sturdy enough and do not contain hazardous materials.

  14. I am so glad that i was not deprived with kids playground when I was a little younger, We have a cute and spacious playground just a few blocks away from our village.

  15. I never get to experience playing in a playground like this when I was a kid. Now that I am adult, I see it all around me but it’s too late for me to try it. 🙁

  16. my youngest KIKO is overwhelmingly delighted to play at indoor kids republic at megamall and he truly loves to slide. i’m pretty sure that he will enjoy one of these.