Ike Davis has Valley Fever

Amidst trying out some poker combinations, a sports news saddened me, Mets said Ike Davis has Valley fever.

Who wouldn’t get shocked about this news?

Too bad for Ike Davis suffering from Valley fever. He, by the way, is the first baseman player of the baseball team New York Mets. It was the team, New York Mets, who confirmed Ike Davis has Valley fever.

Ike Davis has Valley Fever

Ike Davis has Valley Fever (image from WikiPedia)

Ike Davis’ health status was actually just found out during the routine physical and medical examination of the baseball team. In the chest x-ray result of Davis, there were abnormalities found. Thence, he was advised to make his-self free from fatigues. However, he still physically alright and can perform his usual and regular body work outs. In fact, he just had played in last Saturday.

As I have mentioned in my health-and-medicine-related blog, Valley fever is a fungal infection caused by a yeast-like fungus named Coccidioides immitis. Valley fever is also called Coccidioidomycosis in the medical field. These fungus produce spores, lodged on the soil, became dormant and once inhaled, it goes to the human lungs and there then the infections begins.

People suffering from Valley fever, like Ike Davis, usually presents with fever, cough that is productive with blood, fatigue and other signs of infection.

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