Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour Live in Manila on May 21

Oh gosh! Oh gosh! I didn’t know how to react! The Mother Monster, Lady Gaga will have her Born This Way Ball Tour Live in Manila on May 21, 2012!

I just can’t imagine myself seeing and meeting Lady Gaga face to face! Waaaaaaaaah!!! Smiley


Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour live in Manila on May 21 will be held at the new 20,000-capacity Mall of Asia Arena. This arena is not yet opened but will be available this May 19, 2012. Whew! Does this means Lady Gaga will be the very first to use the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines!

Ticket prices are P15,000  11,000  5,000  2,000. Ok! These are something I should save for! Smiley

Travel Lists

Traveling is such a pleasurable experience. It can offer new things to your senses so that somehow after a trip, you can almost feel like you’re a new person! Or put another way, as you return after a trip, it can feel like the place you’ve left has changed. Well, actually, you simply earned some new perspective on things, events, and the people around you. Thanks to traveling.

If you are fond of traveling, I am sure that you have dreamed about the places you would want your feet to step on someday. Perhaps you even have a list there with you, tucked away in one of your journals or notebook or even in one of your computer files. It is just there and you would like to see that come true someday.

Well, you’re not the only one doing that. I have friends who do that. Well, I do that. One of the places that my friends would like to travel to someday is England. They find the place fascinating from their readings or from surfing the net or from what they have heard from the news. Lately, I heard about Bingley, England, too. It seems a pretty interesting place. There is also said to be a Damart factory there. Damart is known for its quality goods and services.

I think I will list down England among my dream destinations and yes, I will consider wandering around Bingley some day.

Happy 26th Birthday, Lady Gaga!

I know this is a bit late, but at least I’ve done.

Happy 26th birthday, Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga, as who she has known in the entertainment and music industry, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in real life, was born on March 28, 1986. She is an American singer and songwriter.

Some of the songs of Lady Gaga that I’ve featured here are Speechless and Born this Way.

$500 MILLION — Mega Millions all-time lottery jackpot

This is the largest lottery jackpot price ever in the whole world. The Georgia lottery officials confirmed that the jackpot price is at $500 million last Wednesday.


The next drawing will be today, Friday.

Web Conferencing Services for Business

With the newest technological trends that are coming in and changing almost everyday, communication between and within business companies are not a problem anymore.

By far, one of the latest innovation available is web conferencing services. These allow business companies to work, check each business workers and conduct meetings at anytime even far from each other. These services have remote sensing capabilities enabling distant parties to participate to any conferences. In fact, these kinds of services are becoming trending today because of its benefits offered to any business companies.

Life Insurance Policies : A Simple Guide

Life insurance policies are designed to support and protect people after the death of a loved one. They provide a practical way to ensure the well-being of one’s family when it comes to financial matter long after the death of the main bread earner in the family.

By providing a steady stream of income, these policies enable family’s to meet their immediate and long term needs and lead the same quality of life they are accustomed and enables them to get back on their feet.

From covering the expenses of unpaid medical bills to covering funeral costs, such policies ensure that the people who were dependant on the deceased don’t have to bear any extra burden.

Similarly, life insurance can be used to ensure that the medical costs for elderly parents or handicapped children are taken care off in the case when a person is no longer alive to fulfill these duties.

It is imperative to understand that life insurance policies are not designed to benefit the purchasers themselves, but instead are meant to provide support and protection to their immediate families and dependant individuals in the case of their unforeseen death.

Therefore, people who want to make sure that their families don’t go through any financial hardships after their untimely demise should opt for a life insurance policy while they are fit and healthy.

It should be noted that life insurance premiums increase exponentially when the client is suffering from any health problems. It is imperative to understand the various kinds of insurance policies and their nuance in order to choose one which best meets a person’s requirements. The three major kinds of policies are given below

Term life insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific time, and has to be renewed after the expiration of the policy.

Two subcategories of this policy are:

Level term: The coverage remains constant during the entire period of the policy.

Decreasing term: The coverage decreases as the coverage period comes close to its expiration

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance policies are valid for the entirety of its purchaser’s lifetime. However, these policies require a premium to be paid on a yearly basis into the existing policy. Funds can be borrowed from such a policy with the downfall being that borrowing funds reduces the benefits received after death.

Once you educate yourself a bit about different insurance products, it becomes easier for you to make a right choice. However, it is worth mentioning that you should be ready to compare a few term or whole life insurance quotes before finalizing your decision. Moreover, you should pick an insurance provider with extreme care.

Although it’s tempting to base your decision on price, cheaper insurance products may never offer appropriate coverage. So, know your needs and have an idea of how much will be enough for your family to manage different expenses when you’re not there to take care of everything.

Universal life insurance

This life policy combines the best aspects of both the other policy types, providing a flexible payment plan in addition to providing coverage for the whole life of its purchaser.

Kobe Bryant owns Ferrari 458 Italia

It seems like Kobe Bryant is the coolest among the LA Lakers men today after owning a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Image from Kobe Bryant just dropped $329,000 on a brand new Ferrari

According to Wikipedia, Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engine sports car. It’s official 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration is under 3.4 seconds, while top speed is over 325 km/h (202 mph), with a fuel consumption in combined cycle (ECE+EUDC) 13.3 L/100 km (21.2 mpg-imp; 17.7 mpg-US) while producing 307g/km of CO2.

Google Doodles Mies van der Rohe 126th Birthday

Google Doodles Mies van der Rohe 126th Birthday that’s why you may be seeing an architectural design in the Google homepage today.

Google Doodles Mies van der Rohe 126th Birthday

Yes, it’s an architectural design because Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is a German Architect. He is one of the pioneering Masters in Architecture along with Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe structural designs are of minimal styles. In fact, he called his buildings ‘skin and bone‘ architecture. He made use of materials such as industrial steels and plate glasses for the interior spaces. But I am not sure if he has utilized revell plastic materials.

Samsung Cell phone and Phone case

Samsung cell phones are the kind of cell phones that everyone wants to have for their own.  I must admit, I am one of those eager individual who wanted to buy Samsung cell phone for myself this year.  I have already thought of what would be the kind of Samsung cell phone to buy after thorough thinking.  I am having a difficulty picking of what would be the best phone to buy.  Fortunately, Samsung does have the kind of cell phone that I am looking for.
Since I know already what kind of a phone I will be buying this year, I am also looking for a Samsung phone case for my cell phone.  It is best to have phone case of my choice of colors and style.  I am pretty sure that my phone would look good because I have wonderful phone case on it.  I am glad that Samsung does have plenty of phone case to choose from.  I love the designs and the colors that Samsung phone case does have to offer.  One of the mobile phone accessoriesthat everyone wants to buy especially those Samsung cell phone owners.  This is a complete package for our Samsung cell phones.

Having our own choice of phone cases and other cell phone accessories will make your phone looks good and more of a personalized property.  I myself want the color of my phone case would be my favorite color.  I can easily that this is mine.  It would look different from the usual colors of the phones after buying it.  So if you feel like pampering your cell phone to make it looks pretty and attractive especially Samsung cell phones, consider buying Samsung phone case of your choice and other accessories of your choice.  I am pretty sure that our cell phones would look pretty like the owner.

Whitney Houston Died of Accidental Drowning

When Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 on February 11, 2012, many speculations came out about the real cause of her death. However, lately, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmed that late singer’s cause of death was accidental drowning.

If you could remember, Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills on February 11, 2012. On investigation, cocaine use and heart diseases where some of the contributing factors of her death.