Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca

Magaluf Beach, Majorca is the highly-visited holiday resort in the Island of Majorca, Spain. In fact, it caters tourists and family vacationers from the package holidays of German, British and Scandenavian markets.

Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca

Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca

Spending a holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca is sure to be a resplendent experience wherein a breathtaking exquisite beachfront views is seen during the day. The resort is actually just one beach. However it can cater large bulk of tourists. The one and only beach in Majorca Island is lined with recreation bars and shops that are yet located conveniently next to the hotels for tourists’ shopping events.

The best months to visit and spend holiday to Magaluf Beach is during the months of July and August. These months are considered the peak season where young people in a group of friends or even a whole family can be seen around the area.

Aside from the resort itself, in the island of Majorca a number of tourist attractions can be found. The most popular tourist attraction is the Western Water Park which is best suited for the whole family. Some other spots not to missed checking out in the island are the theater which shows Pirate’s Adventure, the House of Katmandu — the very interactive room where kids and kids by heart would surely love. The last but not the least are to go karting in Magaluf or horse-back riding.


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  1. yay! Island Majorca, Spain is magnetizing me!!I will keep tab of this post and will suggest this place for my next 143 Journey with my prince. thanks for posting!

  2. Nice vacation in Island Majorca….!! I want to go first in beaches here in the Philippines, so many.. beautiful and relaxing also… =))

  3. Our neighbour in England said they only go to Spain because of the weather and loads of pensioner migrate to Spain before because it was cheap but I have just heard recently that most of the pensioners are going back to the UK because it starts to get a expensive. I bet this beach is one of those beach that is so dear! Tnx for the share! Really looks lovely though.

  4. Why did you not post your pictures in Majorca? What other attractions do they offer in that area, did they required you to get a visa? How any days visa did they give you?

  5. Magaluf reminds of Geordie Shore Magaluf Edition. For party animals Magaluf and Ibiza are ideal destinations. I’m looking forward to go to Spain this year. Cheers!

  6. nice beach but don’t have enough yet to visit the place. lol. thanks for the info.
    you might also want to visit our local glan in sarangani… Yahweh bless.