Technology and Language Today

How does technology affects a certain language or languages now a days?

I remember, before, when I was in college, it was a very big debate for us regarding the rise of technology — globalization, per se, and its effects to languages. And now, this is still and again another rounds of a cup of tea on the table.

In my own thoughts, technology helps preserve a language or languages. There are already available applications, be it a mobile or an online computer software and websites, like dictionaries and word hubs, with which local dialects are shared or posted for everybody to learn and use it. At any time, one can immediately check those words of a certain language using those applications and software. These words can even easily spread, virally, shared to others who haven’t learned the word yet and even throughout the world wide web in just a wink. These websites also help preserve those words and keep them available online.

But since not all languages are easily understandable to everybody, there goes the benefits of translation services online. Language translation application and software are available online where one can easily download a copy and use it. But this is just usually applicable for a few words or sentences. For a bulk of documents, translation services from certain companies worldwide are now providing online services. Most of these companies translate paper works from a specified language to another making an output readable and comprehensive to other foreign readers.

Translation Services Benefits

Translation Services Benefits

These are just some of the benefits, by far, I can see from the technology that we are having now.

There are also some consequences that we need to open our minds for possibilities to happen.This is exemplified by the use of mobile phones in texting or sending messages and tweeting. Since these two media innovations offer only limited letters or words for every sharing opportunity, people tend to create new words or even new languages.

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