GP Review and Exam

Each general practitioner (GP), a person who has the license perform medical or surgical medicine and who plans and has decided to join the academe, need to undergo medical interview training for skills and medical teaching courses. This medical teaching courses are required for each GP to effectively practice teaching medical courses for medical students and other medical schools. There are also other medical-related management and career development courses that almost but not all general practitioners should underwent and acquire. But of course, getting the degree or the diploma after training is a very good experience to be used in functioning as a management official in any health institutions.

One of the leading medical schools in world that offers the trainings and courses mentioned above is the Oxford Medical in United Kingdom (UK).

Oxford Medical

The Oxford Medical provides GP exam after a GP application was done. The school also has GP recruitment for GPST stage 3. The exams that will be provided are rest assured related to medicine, medical management, medical teaching  and other medical-related stuff. But the types of exams mainly about communication skills, conceptual and problem solving and more.

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