American Silver Eagle — Silver Bullion Bars, Coins

I am not a historian nor having the will to learn more about histories. In fact, it’s one of those subjects since High School up until I graduated college which I really don’t like to attend classes at. However, reading about the history of the American Silver Eagle, history, per se, made me appreciate how things from the past.

American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act

American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act (image from

As said, the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. I have not read more details about it but on 2002, the Secretary of Treasury in the United States was authorized to buy silver bullion bars and sources from the open market and since then, though having fluctuating rate of silver bullion sales until this year, it was just on January 2012 that the sale rate of silver bullion is considered one of the highest.

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