Stanchions and Barricades

In this holiday season, public places such as shopping malls, parks and banks are the most heavily numbered in terms of people. Shopping — doing the groceries and other basic necessities for home and parties are being prepared for. Other things which make people busy these days are personal transactions like bank withdrawals in banks, attending parties and other events and sight-seeing and strolling in parks. But have you noticed that even how crowded these places become, things are yet still well-managed?

Crowd control stanchions and barricades are the most fitted materials and basic things which are commonly used in the above mentioned places.

Stanchions are made of steel or plastic stuff used as poles to connect chains and velvet ropes which can be seen in payment counters in malls and banks to direct costumers in making a line — making them more organized in doing their shopping and bank transactions.

On the other hand, barricades are usually for bigger number of people than in malls and banks like in parks or any recreational halls and outdoor venues holding and covering concerts and gatherings. Barricades can also be used in traffic control too. These barricades are basically for privacy and crowd control and security as well.

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