Cotto vs Margarito Fights 2011

After Pacquiao vs Marquez fights last November this year, the boxing arena and the fans also were getting hyped again for the recently concluded Cotto vs Margarito one-on-one, yesterday, December 4, 2011 at the Madison Square Garden.

Cotto vs Margarito Fights 2011Cotto vs Margarito Fights 2011

I wasn’t able to catch the game live. I just made use of the uploaded full video of the games I browsed over the internet. But before I watched the replay of the game, I already have read a number of news articles and reviews regarding the same boxing fight of the two titlists.

Cotto indeed made the best game in winning against Margarito.

More of what I lurked this afternoon after the boxing game were local housing properties which my mom thought of purchasing but under my sister’s name. But with my excitement to get a new house in Davao City, my eyes pointed to a list of Colorado real estate properties specifically in the most populated city — Denver. The available Denver real estate properties that I’ve seen are very much conducive for a living in a city or urban setting especially during summer months. We all know that summer vacation is the only vacation for school children that is longer to be with the family and spending it in Denver, Colorado’s great family vacation spots be it an outdoor adventures in terrains, lakes and more or an educational tours on different museums. There are a lot of things to enjoy staying in Colorado that is well fitted for the whole family.

How I wish, Colorado is just so near and very accessible from here. Smiley


Cotto vs Margarito Fights 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. waaaah! tigulang na jud si margarito. gipuntirya man jud ni cotto ang katong gibun-og ni pacquiao sa una… knock out lagi. hehehe.

  2. i watched the game, Cotto give his best to retain the crown. poor margarito, he still wants to fight but the doctor does not want him to so the referee stops the game.

    anyways, hope your family will finally buy a new house in Davao City. was here dat…:-)