Week 9 NFL power rankings

I have missed a lot of NFL football games’ updates lately. I don’t even have had the chance to check and watch for any live games on my PC-TV. Things gotten even worse when I went home two weeks ago that I thought I could even catch for any TV shows that I would want to, but I failed. We don’t have cableĀ  TV connections anymore at home.

But since tonight I have a spare time to date back all of those missed game, I really will this time.

This week is already the ninth week on NFL. The Green Bay Packers, as I expected, is still the leading team scoring 7-0. Next to Packers is the San Francisco 49ers which is fourth on the previous week. They scores 6-1. Pittsburgh Steelers which is on the fifth rank last week is now on the third seat with score 6-2.

It seems that this quarter is having a good fight in aiming to would get the trophy this time. Which team do you think would carry the pride? What is your bet on sports – NFL football this time? Let’s wait for the coming weeks.

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