Plans for the Christmas Vacation

Christmas is just around the corner and in just a few weeks, it’s also going to be or Christmas break from school.

It will be a perfect time to go on a road trip, after all the holiday hype and activities. I am planning to call on my best buddies and go on a road trip around the towns in our place. Aside from my buddies, I am also planning of bringing along with us my parents and siblings so they would also get to see the wonders and beauty of nature, and for them to take a reprieve from all the work they have done the whole year. So since it’s going to be a big group, I am also thinking of renting out a small caravan. I have been scouting the Internet for second hand caravans, one that would fit us all.

These are just plans, mere rough drafts formed in my thoughts. I guess I am just too excited for the Christmas break. The vacation may be short, but I would really love to make it sweet and memorable.

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