Noisy Again

A month ago, I blogged about our noisy neighbors. Even how early that was in the morning, they were still singing using their videoke system. One of my friends, not a blogger, who happened to read my article about it suggested me to lurk on noise cancellation head phones.

These types of head phones, as its name implies, reduces sounds from the environment that are of not good to hear especially when one is taking some rest, sleeping or maybe studying, that’s in my case.

I haven’t purchased any yet, though. But as far as I have researched and read reviews about this accessory, and as far as my friend’s experience, it has really helped her and might as well could help me during my study hours. Our neighbors here are totally inconsiderate with their environment, especially that most of the buildings here are dormitories and apartments for students. They cause students sleepless nights — not because of studying, but because of their being noisy again.


Noisy Again — 1 Comment

  1. hehehe…. sige, buy ana Gay, from the name per se, you will surely have no interruptions and distractions while studying. i have also read about it pud.