Meg Ryan celebrates 50 today!

After reading an article online on Meg Ryan’s 50th birthday celebration today, I remembered then that my birthday is coming and it’s really getting nearer now! Haha!

In fact, not just my birthday that I remembered, but a lot more especially my college close friends who will be celebrating a day before my birthday while others will be a or two later.

Before, we used to celebrate it together, as one big celebration. But since we are already far from each other now, we only communicate through mobile phones and Facebook, it seems that celebrating the birthday together would be impossible. Maybe I could buy some presents for them, but I don’t know, for now, what’s the best birthday gifts for girlfriends. What do you think? Can you suggest something?


Meg Ryan celebrates 50 today! — 1 Comment

  1. When is your exact bday ba Gay…kay bsig dungan ta hahahaha.

    Ayos na tong link sa imo award…wa diay nasulatan ug www mao ng cannot be found ang mugawas hehe.