Just a Casual Talk

Last time, I was talking here about what a mortgage is. Somehow, I have understood about it and with the help of some other blogger friends who are well-knowledge on this talk,   they enlighten my mind even more.

Our talk actually started about earning online then went to money on bank accounts and eventually end up with mortgages and debts. It was just a casual talk for us since we didn’t expect that our talk would gotten that serious. At first we were just chatting non sense things but when things went good, we became serious on it then.

Some in depth thoughts we opened up, as I have mentioned above, was about mortgages. One of us shared that when she had once gone to the mall, one mortgage broker approached her and asked if she could have time to listen to that said broker and spare even half an hour talk regarding such.  They really have had discussed things about it. When my friend asked if they have co-workers based in other countries, the man mentioned a number of places like London mortgage brokers since my friend is an OFW based in London.

That was a good talk for them, according to my friend, and of course, ours too because I have grasp more ideas and things to consider before availing one.