Google Page Rank (PR) November 2011 Update

Have you checked your Google Page Rank (PR) lately?

Google Page Rank (PR) November 2011 Update

It seems like Google is getting more clever and wiser on their Google algorithm. I can’t even understand it. Haha! LOL! But at least, though this Walking News Paper has no page rank changes, most of my blogs either increased or maintain its page rank. None of them decreased.

Check your page rank now!


Google Page Rank (PR) November 2011 Update — 3 Comments

  1. My blogs PR are also the same. Just sad that after I bought a domain for my pet’s blog, the PR 3 disappear and until now it is still 0. Well, I hope I will get that PR 3 back someday.

  2. I just checked my PR 1 or 2 days ago but there seems no changes but then I saw your post today here and in your other site and was tempted to check it again. Only in my personal blog has changes, it is now PR2 and the rest are all the same. And also my wife’s blog is now PR1. lol

  3. i got my pr2 back 2 days ago gay and it was like a month after google took it from me… hmmph… hehehe… congrats!