Benefits and Installation of Ford F150 HID kit

Whether on the road, off the road, or on the jobsite, the Ford F150 truck has been known for its ability to perform. In the recent years drivers have sought out, in midst of a new trend in automotive lighting, to add additional or nontraditional lighting to boost performance. One of the ways drivers have done this is by adding the Ford F150 HID kit.

Ford F150 HID kitFord F150 HID kit

The HID, or high-intensity discharge, headlights have been designed to reduce the limitations of traditional halogen bulbs and give the driver a farther and wider viewable space while driving at night.

Even though these extra bright lights were first introduced in 1991 by BMW they have since become a highly sought after addition to a wide variety of vehicles. These have ranged from classic cars to large utility trucks. With 90% of what we do when driving coming from the information we receive visually we must rely on the lighting we have from our vehicles to make safe decisions. If this is coming from an inferior halogen bulb than you are not only putting yourself at risk, but others as well. Even with 60% less people on the road at night, 40% of those involved in a night time accident are killed as a result. Although they are often purchased strictly for their unique and attractive look, the Ford F150 HID kit could not only potentially save your life, but also the lives of others as well.

An additional benefit to the Ford F150 HID kit is not only its superior lighting, but also its ease of installation. To add this special light to your vehicle you will need to do the standard wiring, as well as mount a ballast needed to convert your existing 12V DC. This is necessary to heat the xenon gas, which generates the amazing light that is produced.
One thing to consider before beginning is making sure that your work area is safe. This can be done by turning off your Ford, disconnecting your battery, and waiting to begin until the engine has completely cooled off.

  • Replacing the old bulb

Start the installation by replacing the original halogen bulb. You can find this in the low beam dust cover in the back of the headlight assembly. You can open this simply by twisting, and when you have access to the inside you can disconnect the bulb by unplugging it from the wiring.

  • Mounting new ballast

Complete the installation by mounting the new ballast in a safe and secure location. Keep in mind that your F150 was not originally designed with this light in mind so you will have to find a spot that is both safe, and in close proximity to the bulb and wiring. After you feel comfortable with how the ballast is fastened, connect the xenon to the ballast. Be careful not to touch the glass.

After this is complete go back through and double check to see if all wiring and connections are secure before finally testing your new Ford F150 HID kit.

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